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My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss

November 5th, 2004 11:23pm Leave a comment

I’ve seen about 10 seconds of commercial preview for this crappy show and it looks awful. All this extreme reality junk is pointless. There have been a million reality shows and we don’t need anymore. It’s supposed to be about some people competing for a job, but in the end they learn that it doesn’t even exist. After the release of the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding, people overly use the title “My Big Fat __________.” There was another one which aired last season called My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiancé. The fiancé was neither fat nor obnoxious and it was definitely a big phony moneymaking act.

The title is wrong. Again, the “boss” isn’t fat. Plus, this boss idiot has such a fake personality, it’s not even funny. I don’t understand how these people thought they would be getting a real job after seeing what this boss is like. It is clearly obvious just by looking at him, that he is not a rich executive, but your average lowlife schmo. If I were on the show competing for a job and saw my boss acting like that, I’d quit immediately, realize it’s some Fox bullshit and get off my lazy ass and find a real job.

Anyway, what really annoyed me was the preview. There were idiots outdoors running around frantically getting shot with paintballs screaming “Quick! There’s a paper jam.” Please explain to me where I can find a job on the planet earth where people shoot paintballs at you when the photocopier gets jammed? Honestly, this has absolutely nothing to do with business whatsoever. The closest reality show which is halfway decent, gains my approval although I do not watch it and will make people successful in the business world is the Apprentice. This is because Donald Trump knows his business stuff. There’s no nonsense on that show.

If I owned a network and someone approached me with this show, I’d throw the representative out of my window. I don’t know what’s wrong with Fox. They used to be a decent network until everyone went crazy with this reality crap. My point: If anyone is going to watch this crappy show, make sure I slap you. And the sad thing is that people get rich off these crappy shows…

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