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Long Load Time

December 19th, 2006 3:22pm 1 comment

I noticed that the load time of this website kind of sucks, and I need to do something about it… Regular, static pages load quickly, but for some reason, if you go to my site for the first time, it takes like 10 seconds to execute all the SQL queries. There’s something wrong with WordPress, PHP or MYSQL on my server. I have a feeling that my bloated, clunky WordPress theme I’m using is messing something up. is due for a new layout. I’m not really impressed with it, its code doesn’t validate against W3’s XHTML standard, and it isn’t all that web 2.0 looking… We’ll see what happens, now that I have time over break.

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Holiday Tree? Screw that, it’s a Christmas Tree

December 17th, 2006 11:32pm No comments

A Christmas tree is a Christmas Tree.
A Menorah is a Menorah.
I don’t know what the hell a holiday tree is…

You don’t hear Jews calling a Menorah a holiday lamp, do you? No, they don’t generalize Hanukkah.

I believe that saying happy holidays is fine, because it is a lazy way to generalize every person’s belief without studying what they are celebrating. However, this still does not justify replacing the word Christmas with holiday.

The fact that Christmas songs are banned in public schools is complete bull. If the choir at my high school could sing Hanukkah songs in Hebrew, why are we not allowed to hear Christmas songs? Everything should be equal.

So use the right name for things and stop generalizing everything that occurs in December to holiday.

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Bad News: uTorrent Merges With BitTorrent

December 7th, 2006 8:48pm No comments

This is awful: The developer of uTorrent, Ludvig Strigeus has sold himself out to BitTorrent. uTorrent used to be the best torrent client ever.

Why is this bad? BitTorrent has a big deal with Warner Brothers and the MPAA. Therefore, this could mean that future versions of uTorrent could be slapped with tracking, DRM, ads, and corporate bloatware.

I hope the developer made a lot of money on this deal, because he pissed off the entire uTorrent community. He is a friggin’ sell out who is not interested in his project, but rather money. If I were the developer of this project, I would not sell out the best thing ever to the greedy corporations. I hate huge power hungry corporations that control the United States. According to a FAQ answered by Lude in an IRC chat, he will not be developing this program anymore and all future versions will be maintained by Bram Cohen of BitTorrent. The original BitTorrent client SUCKS and this will now cause uTorrent to suck. Supposedly, the client will remain the same (for a while – whatever that means) until it gets ruined. DO NOT update your versions of uTorrent and stick with what you have.

This is a great quote from a user on the uTorrent forums:

Fact: uTorrent became popular because it was an independently developed, light weight, feature-rich BT client.
Fact: The mainline BT client is none of these things. It sucks horribly.
Fact: uTorrent is now owned by the same folks who own BT.
Fact: uTorrent will be merged with BT, making it suck, too.
Fact: The folks who own BT are publicly allied with a group of greedy pirates, the MPAA.
Fact: The MPAA and its ilk are decidedly unfriendly toward the public at large, even though they engage in the same practices they legally prosecute.
Fact: uTorrent has been placed in the position where it will be altered to suit the needs of people who do not have the best interests of uTorrent’s primary user base at heart.

So what could we do? Well Azureus kind of sucks because it’s slow Java and they partnered with Zuego for legal video sharing… There’s really not much that could be done. So BitTorrent useres are screwed. I’m sticking with uTorrent 1.6, the last version developed by lude himself and will not be downloading any future releases.

Very sad day…

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