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If You Let Your Son Bring a My Little Pony Backpack to School, You Deserve to be Sterilized

March 21st, 2014 10:07am No comments

Today – Outraged parents say their son’s elementary school told their 9-year-old to leave his “My Little Pony” backpack at home after the boy complained that he was bullied for bringing it to school. Noreen Bruce said she became alarmed earlier this month when her son, Grayson, refused to get out of the car to go to school. “Everybody hates me,” he said. “I don’t feel I belong here.” Shaken, she asked him why. His classmates at Candler Elementary School in Candler, N.C., were bullying him because of the My Little Pony backpack he’d been using for about a week, he told her. Bruce complained to school officials, whose response, she said, was to forbid Grayson from bringing the backpack to school. Noreen and her husband, Josh, both of whom work at a local restaurant, were shocked by the response. Researchers who study bullying had much the same reaction. If the school actually did tell the boy to leave his backpack at home to avoid bullying, “That’s placing the blame on the kid,” said Sandra Graham, a professor of education at University of California, Los Angeles, who studies the long-term effects of bullying. “The principal is basically saying you brought this on yourself, so deal with it — as opposed to putting the responsibility back on the perpetrators.”

This story is absurd. Did these parents give birth to a gray colored male? Grayson? Really? What kind of a stupid fucking name is that?! But I digress… Are the parents fucking dense  in the brain? God damn right your son‘s getting bullied for bringing a My Little Pony backpack to school, let alone one week straight.  This is not rocket science. My Little Pony is the pinkest assed girliest shit ever. In second and third grade, girly shit just doesn’t cut it for boys… They’re too cool for that. Why would you ever want your son to be girly and made fun of? The fact that this kid likes or owns the backpack is 100% the parent’s fault. 100%.

The parents are shocked by the response? Whaaaa? How do you think a bunch of third graders are going to treat a kid with a girly backpack. I’m not one to side with school administrators because they’re assholes and make up absurd rules, but in this case, the principal is right. The parents are completely bringing this on and there’s nothing wrong with telling the kid to stop doing shit that causes people to rip him apart.

What’s this “placing the game on the kid” shit? Everyone is a pansy-assed pussy these days. Kids are gods. Kids are always right. F that noise. Kids need to learn responsibility and accountability because mommy and daddy are not going to be there in the real world all the time. When Grayson gets his first job and brings a My Little Pony lunch box to the office and gets told not to, mommy and daddy can’t do anything about it to protect him now, can they?

PS – kinda unrelated, but in 11th grade, I had this BRO Guido math teacher who was talking about his son. This kid started playing doll with his sister and my math teacher was like “‘NAH BRO. AIN’T NO WAY YOUSE PLAYIN’ DOLL.” and immediately took him outside to play football. Now that’s some quality parenting right there.

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