April 23rd, 2003 5:06pm No comments

I have returned. Oh, it was the worst possible punishment ever not being able to go on a computer. (Except for the laptop incident in which it completely screwed itself up while my mom was on it and asked me to help but I said I couldn’t because I was banned. Anyway, I’ll write about that tomorrow, its a whole different long story)

Oh about the Easter Post… That was a major disaster… I had to remove it. I usually archive all my prior posts, but this one had to be completely removed. So much for that. Oh, in the long run it would have probably ended up embarrassing me so it really doesn’t matter.

Anyway, I’ll be posting again shortly so stay tuned.

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April 19th, 2003 5:04pm No comments

I just realized that people actually look at my site. I must be very boring to you. Oh well… hello people who look at my site. I promise I will eventually put something of interest to you here… Have fun looking at whatever you’re looking at… I don’t know what. Ok enough rambling… I’m through.

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New Message Board

April 18th, 2003 5:00pm No comments

I have completely redesigned my message board because Brian was posting obscene things about SK (biology teacher) and other things that had to be deleted.

This message board is real and is not a cheap chatboard like the other one. It has many new and exciting features too!!! For example, don’t write anything stupid or else I will block your IP. Another cool feature is that I can post administrative messages. My name will appear in red, and that will be my official post. If the name is not red, the post is counterfeit.

So there!!!! Post Away

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