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Big Deal: Aquafina is Tap Water

July 28th, 2007 2:42am No comments

Many people are aware of the recent news that Pepsi is changing the Aquafina labels to inform the public that it comes from tap water. This is causing outrage.

BIG DEAL! It is bottled water, where do you think it’s coming from, Mars? I like Aquafina because it tastes good and whatever they do to filter it works. The water in my house tastes like chlorine and shit. Therefore, I don’t care if they use tap water or gather it from the most elusive springs, as long as it’s pure, it makes no difference. Mineral water sucks and will give you kidney stones. Chances are, if you take well water or mineral water without processing it, it will still contain impurities and possibly even radon from rocks that are decaying. So if all water is processed and filtered, then what makes the difference? I read somewhere that Fiji water contains trace amounts of arsenic. Nice.

Some people think it is sad that water is actually being marketed and sold. True, but when stupid greedy water companies such as United Water send you cancer causing, shit tasting, swamp-ass sewer water, then filters and bottled water are the way to go. The United States is supposed to be the greatest country in the world, yet my water tastes like shit because it is going through pipes and aquaducts from 1654.

One time I was in Germany and was so dehydrated that I (skeptically at first) drank water out of a sink in a public bathroom. It was so delicious and pure, that I could have bottled it. I didn’t even get sick from it. Try doing that here in the US and you will get infected tonsils, E-Coli poisoning and possibly even AIDS [/sarcasm]. Excuse my vulgarity, I am not in the best mood right now. the water supply here sucks and we need improvement now! Then maybe people will rely less on bottled water.

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