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Want To Put a Stop To Police Chiefs Getting Killed in Drug Busts? Stop Doing Drug Busts

Portfolioso April 13, 2012 1 Comment Rants

CT Post – GREENLAND, N.H. (AP) — Attorney General Michael Delaney says 48-year-old Greenland Police Chief Michael Maloney was the officer killed during a drug bust-turned-shootout in New Hampshire that left four other officers wounded. Delaney confirmed early Friday that Maloney was the officer killed as authorities were conducting a drug investigation in the small town of Greenland. The incident started around 6 p.m. Thursday and the suspect remains barricaded in a home with a woman.

Maloney was due to retire in less than two weeks. He was married and has children. In addition to Maloney, the department had just six officers. The four injured officers were from other departments. Two are in intensive care and two have been treated and released.

Fuck the drug busts man. Look what just happened. This poor bastard went out and got himself killed for no reason. Just… Fuck it. Stop the assholes doing their DUIs so they don’t kill anyone. Stop the people murdering people or fighting people. But let people do whatever else they want, as long as they’re not hurting anyone else or interfering with anyone else’s personal thing. Huge drug dealer? Whatever. Would’ve saved more lives.


Keep it Up, America!

Portfolioso February 20, 2012 1 Comment Rants ,

I think we should do this to the politicians who start these wars.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a war with Iran I need to lobby for, ASAP. They’re such a huge threat, you guys. I’m scared shitless right now.


Fidel Castro Hit The Nail on the Head

Portfolioso January 26, 2012 No Comments Rants


This fucking crazy bastard couldn’t have said it better: “The selection of a Republican candidate for the presidency of this globalized and expansive empire is, and I mean this seriously, the greatest competition of idiocy and ignorance that has ever been.” 


You’re God damn right, Fidel! We have a bunch of fuck ups running for the Republican nomination. I mean, did you hear these fucking jokers at the debate? Romney was like “I’d thank heavens if he croaked and the people will celebrate when he meets his maker” Newt was like “Hey Mitt, you’re full of shit, he’s going to hell”  and Santorum was  like ‘HERP DERP I’d keep those sanctions and give them mountains of aid once his regime is gone. Fuck those commies” Really? Lets give the Cubans mountains of aid, you fucking jokeshop. It’s not like we don’t have fucking homeless people every 3 inches in NYC…

Seriously listening to those three assholes hurts my brain. Ron Paul is the only guy that made sense.  Why are we holding a grudge against Cuba for shit they did in the 60s? Fucking trade with them. I want some cigars and shit.

PS – because of this quote, I am now Pro-Cuba and anti United States.

Get Ready to Go to War With Iran, Mother Fuckers!

Portfolioso January 23, 2012 No Comments Rants ,

Faux News – The USS Abraham Lincoln on Sunday passed through the Strait of Hormuz — the first time a US aircraft carrier has been through the strategic waterway since Iran threatened to close it earlier this month.

This is it folks! Your next Iraq and Afghanistan in the making. We’re going to war! I guarantee it. You heard it here first. It’s what the United States does.  All of the rednecks in the south love war and politicians who initially speak out against it get paid off by some machine to keep declaring illegally starting wars that never end.


The US Navy said the passage of the vessel was “routine” and had been completed without incident. “USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72) completed a regular and routine transit of the Strait of Hormuz, Jan. 22, to conduct maritime security operations as scheduled and in support of requirements set by the combatant commander,” a statement from Naval Forces Central Command said.

Bullshit. It wasn’t routine. How about you don’t send two aircraft carriers to an area to begin with. Does anyone understand fucking history. Like the whole World War I powder keg thing and the Lucitania? Same shit. You can’t just go putting aircraft carriers in someone’s waters without being militaristic. I’m pretty sure the U.S would flip a shit if some other country started sending their aircraft carriers to US waters.

The thing is… Obama is not anti war even though he said he was his whole campaign. All Republicans except Ron Paul are all for attacking Iran. And because Obama has a 79% chance of getting reelected, and Ron Paul has a 0% chance of getting the Republican nomination, even if some other Republican beats Obama, it doesn’t matter. Someone is going to go to war with Iran.

I just want fucking gasoline to not be $8.50 a gallon, which it will be soon ($9.50 in NY because they tax your balls off). First, you have the European Union putting oil embargoes, sanctions and all that shit on Iran and fucking with the world economy. Fuck Iran. Let them develop nuclear shit, just like other countries have done. It doesn’t mean they’re going to attack people with them. They can’t get anywhere near the United States. This is a country that’s been at conflict since the 70s. U.S intervention now isn’t going to fix anything.

Happy Monday!

Indirect Censorship: FileSonic Removes Sharing – Creativity Doomed

Portfolioso January 23, 2012 No Comments Computer/ Tech Related, Rants

I’m a little bit late to post this, but if you haven’t heard, FileSonic (a leading file storage and sharing site) removed file sharing ability for every single file hosted by its users. Only the owners of each file can access their data after logging it. . This effectively broke millions of download links throughout the internet. So what caused this change?

The people running the site did not admit, why but it is very clear: The MegaUpload raid/ legal action. The FileSonic admins shit their pants and were like “What do we do – we don’t want to get arrested, fined $10 million and put in jail for 5 years. Oh, let’s just not let anyone share files anymore and make it a storage only service for individual users.”

This is what I am calling indirect censorship. The establishment is inciting fear by making examples of other sites with harsh punishment, lawsuits and jail time. This effectively trickles down and scares other startups and people running similar sites. Ultimately, big business and lobbyists win. This is exactly what they are trying to do. It’s only a matter of time before other services like this will be voluntarily shut down by site owners who do not want to get into any trouble.

The same way MegaUpload was shut down, what about Amazon Cloud (cloudfront and s3)? Thousands of startups rely on these services to inexpensively host user uploaded content. Suppose the users upload pirated material? Does that mean we seize the website of the startup? Does that mean we

You don’t need legislation like SOPA and PIPA to hinder creativity. The US already has that ability. Tech startups are booming again. It will not last forever, since economies and industries all boom and bust. History WILL repeat itself and there WILL be another dot com bust – I don’t know when. No one wants to admit that, because things are looking great right now. With all this censorship and the fact that the government can just shut down any site for any nonsensical reason – mark  my words “the internet as we know it now will be destroyed.”

Edit: Like 8 more sites shut down: http://torrentfreak.com/cyberlocker-ecosystem-shocked-as-big-players-take-drastic-action-120123/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+Torrentfreak+%28Torrentfreak%29&utm_content=Google+Reader See!


Side note: Hey look. A blog post that intelligently discusses an issue and isn’t vulgar smut… I’m trying to tone it down a notch. I’ve been a little too aggressive. Batstool was rubbing off on me.

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