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Saturday Song of the Week: Cage the Elephant – Back Against the Wall

August 14th, 2010 9:30am No comments


I rarely like new music – I’m more of a 90s early 2000s kind of guy. This is a few months old, but is catchy. PS this is being auto published. There is no way in hell I am awake at 9:30 on a Saturday.

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Saturday (2) Song(s) of the Week: Crimes of War and Chip Tunes Suxx

July 31st, 2010 11:50am No comments

Double feature this week – KEYGEN MUSIC!!! (you know, the sequenced music that plays in those keygens when you pirate shit on the internet). If that doesn’t ring a bell, it’s music created with several small sound sample files and pitch shifted to get a cool electronic sound. Head over to for an archive of thousands of chiptunes. Amazing. So – the music:


Download here (extract with WinRAR)

And here’s Chip Tunes Suxx:

Or download the actual file here (extract with WinRAR). It’s only 90KB (as opposed to the 1.3MB mp3 that loaded above). And yes, I do rock out to Keygen music

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Saturday Song of the Week: Sublime – Romeo

July 24th, 2010 6:22pm No comments

It is my job to introduce lesser known music. A lot of people will know Sublime, but only the big hits, so have a listen to Romeo:


Romeo was released in 1997 (after Nowell’s death) off the album Second Hand Smoke, which  consisted of half assed, recorded but never released material. I was setting up a computer lab with Pandora running when this came on, and it stuck in my head.

Props to the chill ass non-distorted guitar solo at 3:05

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