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Saturday Song of the Week: Cage the Elephant – Back Against the Wall


I rarely like new music – I’m more of a 90s early 2000s kind of guy. This is a few months old, but is catchy. PS this is being auto published. There is no way in hell I am awake at 9:30 on a Saturday.

Saturday (2) Song(s) of the Week: Crimes of War and Chip Tunes Suxx

Double feature this week – KEYGEN MUSIC!!! (you know, the sequenced music that plays in those keygens when you pirate shit on the internet). If that doesn’t ring a bell, it’s music created with several small sound sample files and pitch shifted to get a cool electronic sound. Head over to keygenmusic.net for an archive of thousands of chiptunes. Amazing. So – the music:


Download here (extract with WinRAR)

And here’s Chip Tunes Suxx:

Or download the actual file here (extract with WinRAR). It’s only 90KB (as opposed to the 1.3MB mp3 that loaded above). And yes, I do rock out to Keygen music

Saturday Song of the Week: Sublime – Romeo

It is my job to introduce lesser known music. A lot of people will know Sublime, but only the big hits, so have a listen to Romeo:


Romeo was released in 1997 (after Nowell’s death) off the album Second Hand Smoke, which consisted of half assed, recorded but never released material. I was setting up a computer lab with Pandora running when this came on, and it stuck in my head.

Props to the chill ass non-distorted guitar solo at 3:05

Saturday’s Song of the Week: Stu’s Song


Yes, I am dead serious. This song has been stuck in my head all week long. As you all know, The Hangover is the shit. I’ve been learning the shit out of it and anyone who lives with me is sick of hearing it. Here, have the sheet music (guitar tabs are included there, if you like guitar better).

P.S – There were numerous occasions last school year where I expected to find a tiger when I woke up the next mor… afternoon. It was my running joke of the year: “where’s the tiger?”

Then you’re shit out of luck.

Saturday Song of the Week: Shawn Anthony – Good Stuff

Introducing something you’ve never heard of before! I was watching an old episode of Entourage and this played as the boys walked into Ari’s office. I had to look it up since it wasn’t anything big.


It’s a mix of SKA and Hip Hop, but the reggae-ish music is catchy. It might be a little repetitive, but whatever. You also get a, mediocre yet catchy guitar solo at 2:43. It wasn’t available on the interwebs anywhere and there are a few skips in the video, so I had to pick it up in iTunes.

Oh and ladies, I’ve got that good stuff.