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Now Verizon is pissing me off

Portfolioso June 26, 2009 No Comments Computer/ Tech Related, Rants ,

Dear Verizon,

I do not appreciate you LOWERING my internet speed. For a few years. I have had the 20MBPS downstream package, which ran at 20.3MBPS. How nice of you to go over slightly. A few days ago, the company announced speed increases for all, especially in competitive markets. The new low tier is said to be 25MBPS/15MBPS. Nice. However, not only has my speed not been increased yet, but it seems that a few hundred KBPS are missing off my downstream. I now max out at 19.3 MBPS. This is unacceptable. Is this how you make room for the extra bandwidth you are giving away? I’ll be expecting 25/15 by the end of next week.


Edit: Verizon says nothing is wrong. True, nothing is wrong, except for the fact that some engineer throttled my speed and didn’t inform the morons answering the phones.

Verizon Fios

Portfolioso August 17, 2004 No Comments Computer/ Tech Related

The past week, Verizon’s been installing some fiber optic lines on my block. So I was researching some things and I learned that they are the first phone company to do this in prepration for Fios. Fios will be a high speed internet that will blow away DSL and even cable. Currently, DSL goes 1.5 MBPS down and 128 KBPS up. Cable goes anywhere from 2.5 – 4 MBPS up and up to 1 MBPS down (depending on usage in the neighborhood).

Fios will run 5 MBPS down and 2 MBPS up for the $39.99/ month plan and 15 MBPS down and 2 MBPS up for the $50/ month plan. That’s nuts. I can’t wait until it’s available here (they already started putting new wires, so hopefully soon). Very fast! Verizon will provide a router, free installation, 9 email accounts and MSN. It’s nuts. I can’t believe it. And reasonable, also. Go to http://verizon.net/fiber for more information.

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