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Verizon Fios

August 17th, 2004 11:09pm Leave a comment

The past week, Verizon’s been installing some fiber optic lines on my block. So I was researching some things and I learned that they are the first phone company to do this in prepration for Fios. Fios will be a high speed internet that will blow away DSL and even cable. Currently, DSL goes 1.5 MBPS down and 128 KBPS up. Cable goes anywhere from 2.5 – 4 MBPS up and up to 1 MBPS down (depending on usage in the neighborhood).

Fios will run 5 MBPS down and 2 MBPS up for the $39.99/ month plan and 15 MBPS down and 2 MBPS up for the $50/ month plan. That’s nuts. I can’t wait until it’s available here (they already started putting new wires, so hopefully soon). Very fast! Verizon will provide a router, free installation, 9 email accounts and MSN. It’s nuts. I can’t believe it. And reasonable, also. Go to http://verizon.net/fiber for more information.

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