I Put this Nonsense Back

April 25, 2022

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This was busted for a while because it’s stupid content and I don’t really blog anymore. I upgraded my VPS and just never came around to setting it back up. Either way, I restored it for the hell of it just because I can and in case I wanted to see how stupid I was being in years past. Because it goes all the way back to 2003, it had some kind of legacy BS db encoding. So I fixed all that and we’re cool now. Or we’re not. Whatever.

Happy Pride Month: Now Take This Piece of Shit Billboard Down

June 8, 2021

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This billboard is BULLSHIT

This is what you get in hick, rural Ohio folks! A land where they still fly their Trump 2020 LOSER flags (or Trump 2024. Or DeSantis 2024. Fuck off in 2024, how about that?)

Located at mile marker 155 on I-71 Southbound (approximately 35-40 miles north of Columbus), you can find this heinous, ignorant, close-minded billboard. Someone actually spent money on this. What a WASTE of money. Who actually cares who marries who? No one’s bothering anyone. Let people do their thing. All these wacky, far-right morons are all about “don’t tread on me, don’t tell me what to do, fuck masks/vaccines, etc.” Well practice what you preach! Don’t tread on anyone who wants to marry someone of the same sex. Is it costing you money? Are they bombing your corn fields? No? Then fuck right off!

I hope anyone responsible for paying for this billboard dies in a bus fire. Probably the gayest, Trump supporting, self-loathing, racist, homophobic “Christian” in the land. Nothing would make me happier than for someone to graffiti a huge dick over this nonsense immediately!

What To Watch Out for in a Group of Idiots

January 17, 2021


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So the picture below is an FBI wanted list of some of the IDIOT insurrectionist terrorists who stormed the Capitol. Feds are coming for you, dummies! Did you not think you’d be caught clear as day on camera?! These people push all these conspiracies and don’t seems to understand that the government / big tech is watching our every move. IDIOTS! You can’t take a piss these days without someone collecting that data – nothing is private or sacred anymore.

Check who’s got Covid because all but three of these idiots are DUMB hicks. No face coverings, except THREE people. In the middle of a raging pandemic. Hundreds upon hundreds of people mobbing into a government building, maskless mouths open, screaming and spewing virus droplets everywhere! What could possibly go wrong? The majority of these are sheep imbeciles who drank the Kool Aid and are just out of touch with reality. But the real dangerous motherfuckers you need to watch out for are the ones smart enough to know what they’re doing is wrong, and they’re just in on causing terror. The ones taking the pandemic seriously and following science. The dude in the hoodie in the middle of the bottom row gives me the heebie jeebies. How are you supposed to to identify him. Unless there was a way to patch together footage and follow him on video until he gets into a car or takes off a mask. But what if he outsmarts ’em? That right there is your most dangerous person ever. Your friendly neighbor of two years who is neutral AF and never talks politics, but secretly supports the wrong side of history. Maybe I just sound like an incoherent rambler. It’s fine. We all start to decline as we get older. It’s like music – everyone’s early work is usually their peak and most amazing. The economic principle of diminishing marginal utility.

Anyways, these people below have gotta go. LOCK THEM UP! Ten years minimum, to quote our outgoing fuhrer!


PS – one of my buddies signed my third grade yearbook: FirstName, LastName –Anarchist and Terrorist. He was a wicked smart dude. I had to ask mommy and daddy what an anarchist and terrorist was: IN THIRD GRADE and they were like ‘JFC who the hell is our kid hanging out with that he’s asking about this shit at 9 years old!’ It was all a joke back then. Dude had some witty humor and pushed the limits. A harmless kid, just writing absurd things with his not yet developed prepubescent brain – not knowing what would happen in the future. Oh, don’t worry though – he’s on the proper side of history.

But looking back to that phrase… These people in the wanted poster above are the dregs of society. They are truly anarchists and terrorists.

Biden Stole The Election and We’re All Screwed!

November 10, 2020


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I cannot believe I am actually writing this, but the radical left committed unprecedented fraud on a grand scale. Sleepy Joe Biden and his radical followers stole the election and America’s future is in great peril! Life as we all know it is about to change for the worse if this is not immediately resolved.

Let’s face it – Trump was the first president to cut the bullshit. He tells it like it is. Is he a little unhinged? Maybe, but that’s fine. Is he a little racist, yes, but that’s also fine – none of this affects us fine white folks so who cares about everyone else!

Here are some hot topics in no particular order and my opinions on them:

Voter Fraud

The LameStream Media cannot call the election! It is apparent that boxes of ballots have been faked – delivered by the truckload with 100% Biden votes. Dead people voted. Trump had the lead and then poof! All of a sudden he was losing. How is that even possible?!?! They are not allowing poll watchers in to make sure everything is fair. Voting machine software has been modified (only in the very close states) to give Sleepy Joe a lead, and they say there was a so-called “glitch.” It’s a conspiracy! Trump better get his best lawyer – my favorite mayor of all time – Rudy G to Four Seasons Total Landscaping for daily press conferences. Then maybe he can head next door to the dildo shop and pick up some supplies for his interview with Borat’s daughter so he can tuck his belt in again, wink wink.


Our freedoms are on the way out! We are on our way to becoming a socialist country. Just look at them trying to force us to wear masks. Ain’t no one taking away my liberty! Give me liberty or give me death to Do-nothing-Democrats! No respect for the 2nd Amendment either – they’re going to take away all of my assault rifles and automatic weapons.


The suburbs are going to be ruined. The radical left wants to defund the police which will greatly impact our safety! Socialist, low income housing will bring rapist minorities, drugs and violence to the suburbs. We cannot allow this!

China Virus / Kung Flu

This is a fake virus, invented in a lab in China and released to the world specifically to harm the greatest president to ever have existed, Donald J. Trump! There is way too much testing going on which falsely inflates the numbers. They’re saying people are positive and they don’t even have any symptoms! Sad! Even if people do get minor symptoms, it’s just a little cough and sniffle. You get all these idiots like Fauci fear mongering and inciting leftists! Trump was cured and the vaccine is right around the corner. It will go away like a miracle! Do not fear it! All you have to do is drink bleach and put UV light in the body and bam, it’s gone!

Also, how about the fact that Pfizer said they had a vaccine that works 90% of the time AFTER Biden allegedly was handed this election.

Christian Values

Joe Biden is a fake Catholic who supports murdering babies on their way out of the birth canal! Regarding LGBTQ, people only choose this lifestyle for attention and need conversion therapy to fix their illness. This is why Trump banned trans people from the army – they are too needy and cause too many problems. What restroom will they go to? We cannot expose our children to this riff-raff.

Global Warming Hoax / Environment Overregulation

The United States has the cleanest air in the world. The best air! The best water too. Just look at Flint, Michigan! Global warming is a completely fake phenomenon invented by liberal scientists. The earth naturally goes through climate cycles from ice ages to warm spells. There is absolutely no way that humans can affect something as large as our flat earth. We need to allow mass pollution to save our economy – there is too much burden on corporations with these restrictive EPA rules – it will ruin their profits! Roll them all back! We need to bail out coal! Coal is the future – there is so much coal we can literally have energy for centuries! We need more oil and natural gas. It’s a well known fact that windmills cause cancer, and what happens if there’s no wind? No power!

Antifa & Black Lives Matter TerroristOrganizations

BLM is a terrorist organization sponsored by Antifa. Mobs of violent protesters are rioting for no reason. All these criminals like Breonna Taylor and George Floyd would not have been targeted by our fine police forces. Blue lives matter!

Trump better deploy the military to these deplorable, liberal shitholes and use as much force as necessary to protect our fine country from such terrorists.

For these reasons, we need to ensure the most stable genius, @realdonaldtrump has another 4 more years. Hell, make it 8 more years, 12 more years! Remove term limits!




(This is satire you fucking idiots. Trump supporters actually believe this shit and need to eat a dick).

Entitled, Gen Z Asshole Google Engineer Whines About Being Fired

December 20, 2019

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The Verge – Google has fired another employee following a showing of internal activism, marking the latest in a series of controversial terminations at the search giant.

Kathryn Spiers, a security engineer at Google, toldThe Vergeshe was fired from the company last week after two years. As part of her duties at Google, Spiers was responsible for sending web browser notifications within the company. While Google employees navigated the web, relevant informational pop-ups would appear as employees viewed certain sites. Spiers, who worked on internal data security, had deployed similar notifications to discourage employees from acting irresponsibly with data, among other projects.

Spiers says she was put on administrative leave hours after releasing the message and was told on Friday that she was being fired from the company. Google management, she says, argued that she had sent the code without proper approval and had endangered company security. She says she had proper approval for sending the code, and she disputes that it introduced any security concerns.

BOOO HOOOO! Call the waaaaammmmbulance. First off, let me just start out that I hate corporate bullshit. I don’t like rules and I don’t like being told what to do, but sometimes you just have to suck it up and deal with it. Google, being a giant ass company, is going to be super corporate these days. They’re not a tech startup anymore – it’s not being run out of Sergey and Brian’s garage. It’s a publicly traded company.

Let’s keep this short and sweet. She is a security engineer. She was hired to work on an internal Chrome plugin that notified employees about security related matters based on visiting various sites. You don’t just go adding activist shit into plugins and push code company-wide because you feel like it’s the right thing to do. That’s a blatant abuse of power. There are checks and balances when you release software. Secondly, WTF does that have to do with security? Sounds more like a political message than to protect employees’ security.

Fucking generation Z people… Entitled assholes thinking rules don’t apply to them. This has nothing to do with her message. She would have been fired the same way if the message sad “I like to fart” or “You are a beautiful person.”

Judgment in favor of Google. Case dismissed.

PS – Of course Google doesn’t want activists to organize rallies against the company. Ain’t got time for those distractions. You don’t like it? Work somewhere else.