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I Put this Nonsense Back

April 25, 2022

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This was busted for a while because it’s stupid content and I don’t really blog anymore. I upgraded my VPS and just never came around to setting it back up. Either way, I restored it for the hell of it just because I can and in case I wanted to see how stupid I was being in years past. Because it goes all the way back to 2003, it had some kind of legacy BS db encoding. So I fixed all that and we’re cool now. Or we’re not. Whatever.

Brand New Server and HTTPS

November 21, 2017

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I don’t really blog anymore and have been too lazy to update/migrate the server this used to be hosted on. The VM it used to be on was completely corrupted, was so old the vendor no longer provided updates and thus was insecure af (aka I used to FTP to the shit to update my files That’s right… FTP. Sending a password in plain text. NOPE). It was also using like php 5.2 which was an antique and vulnerable.

As practice for a personal project, I migrated it to a modern VM, added it to Cloudflare and am using the latest and greatest OS and webserver components. Hooray! No one cares. Not even me.

No More Comments

I don’t give a fuck what you have to say about my blogs. I just crippled commenting because even with captchas and akismet and anti-spam shit, I still get valid looking comments let through that are spam. I’m sick of deleting them.

So now, you must log in to comment and I don’t allow new registrations, so blow me! Post shit on social media, not on my shit. Fuckers.

Twitter App Updated

My Twitter stats app has been updated. You should know the URL, if not ask me for it. I’m not posting it here because my twitter is private and Google indexes this blog. If you don’t know about my Twitter app, it’s the absolute shit. It does metrics on my Tweets, counts how many times I swear, searches my archives and has a random function. Anyway, the release notes:

New features:

  • [NEW Page] @Mentions – Counts how many times I @mentioned you. This only works for people I follow.
  • [Random Tweet] Auto-Refresh – You can now check an auto-refresh checkbox that will auto-refresh the page every 3 seconds, for hands-free hilarity.


  • Fixed funky table layout not taking up the whole gray box thingy
  • Probably some other things I forgot


Yes. I’m full of myself. Suck it if you don’t like it.

The F Is Going On Here…

This site is cursed. I was almost up to 100% uptime and my server started fucking up. Everything seems normal, but lighttpd just stops serving pages.

It’s hard to investigate why. This sucks.