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Newsflash: Optimum Online Blows Monkey Nipples (Ranked Worst ISP In US)

DUH. Have I not been ranting about how shitty and slow this internet provider is since the beginning of time? (Hereand here)… Fuck Cablevision and their bitch ass ways. They have some nerveadvertising15MBPS. Yeah. 15MBPS at like 4AM. Otherwise, it runs along at a cool 1-3MBPS. Absolutely horse shit.

Gizmodo even says it “Basically, your grandpa, with artificial hip, runs laps around Cablevision.” PS -look at this graph:





Cablevision Making No Sense Yet Again

Please give me a valid reason for moving NY1 to channel 8? Seriously? It’s called NY1 for a reason. It’s been on channel 1 since 1994. What is the meaning of this!

Seriously, some engineer is sitting over at Cablevision just scheming up ways to fuck with people. “Muhahaah I’ll show them! We’ll move channel 1 to channel 8!” Who plans these things?

I can’t deal with this company anymore, and I’m not even a Cablevision customer!

Optimum Online Can Go F Itself

It’s a huge PIECE…. I don’t even have it, and it sucks balls. Sunday night, lots of people must be on and here’s an Optonline speedtest from KF-Dedicated (sorry John):

And here’s my internet (dedicated, not affected by people using it at once)

Fuckin enjoyyyyyyyyyyy!

Cablevision Still Sucks Balls

Once again, the asinine morons over at Cablevision pulled another network in a contract dispute. If this shit keeps up, soon they won’t carry any channels except the ones they already own. This is getting out of control. How many times have this happened this year? Three? Food Network, ABC, now FOX.

You know what pisses me off the most? This fucking propaganda video that is playing in place of FOX:

“In an act of corporate greed…” “150 million” “greed, greed greed” Guess what Cablevision – no one fucking cares. All people want is to watch TV. They pay you for TV service? Then it’s your job to provide popular channels. It’s that simple. I am not saying I’m a fan of News Corp here, but haven’t you noticed the pattern? Cablevision does this with every network and will continue to do it in the future. Guaranteed. Seriously, they spend more money on these public relations videos shifting the blame to the networks when it’s really all their fault. And they have the balls to call news corp out for greed? You know who sounds greedy to me? Cablevision. Not paying a network like everyone else does because it’s too much money. Or – we don’t want to spend all this money because it will lower our numbers and profits. That’s greed.

If you take Cablevision’s side on this, you are a moron. Obviously they are cheap fucks who don’t like negotiation or paying networks like everyone other provider does. It’s like they’re special and shouldn’t have to pay as much. You don’t see anyone else having this problem. Okay, maybe Time Warner cable, but they suck too.

I don’t even have Cablevision and this shit pisses me off. See here’s my problem with Cablevision. They suck. They’re owned by a bunch of morons (read: James Dolan). They’ve been pissing me off since 2002 when they wouldn’t come to terms with the YES Network and blacked out my Yankee games for a season. Back then, there were no choices. But now, there is only one answer:

Seriously, if it’s available in your area get this shit. Verizon is not paying me to say this. FiOS is genuinely superior. It’s HD is better, it’s uncompressed so the picture is less pixelated, they carry more networks, they don’t get into disputes with networks so you don’t lose channels, the internet is much faster and doesn’t slow down at peak times, you get better upload speed, the channel guide and on screen menus are fast and don’t lag. And if you call them up and haggle and say you’re switching from Cablevision, they will give you a deal and match or beat your current price. Guaranteed.

Now if you excuse me, I’m going to watch the Giants game now because I can. And the Simpsons later. And Family Guy. Enjoy your blank screens, Cablevision fools!

Cablevision is Still Awful

Garbage speeds

I got to witness an Optimum Triple Play install today. Cablevision needs to shut the hell up with their bullshit advertising about being the fastest internet available. They claim you are supposed to be getting 15MBPS. I’m getting under 2. It’s pure garbage. I had faster speeds on DSL in 2003. Really good technology – let’s share the connection speed with everyone on the block.