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Newsflash: Optimum Online Blows Monkey Nipples (Ranked Worst ISP In US)

August 4th, 2011 12:49pm No comments

DUH. Have I not been ranting about how shitty and slow this internet provider is since the beginning of time? (Here and here)… Fuck Cablevision and their bitch ass ways. They have some nerve advertising 15MBPS. Yeah. 15MBPS at like 4AM. Otherwise, it runs along at a cool 1-3MBPS. Absolutely horse shit.

Gizmodo even says it “Basically, your grandpa, with artificial hip, runs laps around Cablevision.” PS – look at this graph:





Cablevision Making No Sense Yet Again

December 22nd, 2010 2:40pm No comments

Please give me a valid reason for moving NY1 to channel 8? Seriously? It’s called NY1 for a reason. It’s been on channel 1 since 1994. What is the meaning of this!

Seriously, some engineer is sitting over at Cablevision just scheming up ways to fuck with people. “Muhahaah I’ll show them! We’ll move channel 1 to channel 8!” Who plans these things?

I can’t deal with this company anymore, and I’m not even a Cablevision customer!

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Optimum Online Can Go F Itself

December 5th, 2010 8:42pm No comments

It’s a huge PIECE…. I don’t even have it, and it sucks balls. Sunday night, lots of people must be on and here’s an Optonline speedtest from KF-Dedicated (sorry John):

And here’s my internet (dedicated, not affected by people using it at once)

Fuckin enjoyyyyyyyyyyy!