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Does this Sound Unreasonable?

Let me know if this sounds unreasonable. I am absolutely useless right now. All I do all day is sleep, eat and watch Entourage and I’m sick of it. I’m tired of the same crap all over. Since this is what a fucking four year IS and Management degree gets you these days, here’s an idea:

I want an all expenses paid volunteer trip to somewhere in the Gulf for a few months. I’m not asking for any salary or hourly wages. BP just needs to cover my airfare, lodging, training, food and so on – and it doesn’t have to be fancy.

Level 3 (Wildlife Recovery and Rehabilitation) – This person would be a trained Wildlife Recovery & Rehabilitation volunteer, who will be helping with the clean-up of wildlife. It is a graded certification course. OSHA reviewed the Level 3 training package from PEC Premier and give special support for BP to use this training package, specifically for this incident. For this first wave of level 3 training, we are giving priority to the wildlife specialists and BP contractors.

F priority to wildlife specialists and BP contractors – bring it on. I can do it. Get me that level 3 training! And I don’t want to be one of those bogus Level 1 people who deliver supplies all day and knock on doors asking for money. I’m talking Level 3, all out OSHA training, wading in sludge in a hazmat suit scrubbing fucking pelicans with Dawn and a toothbrush so they live. Level 1 is for little bitches who don’t want to see oil. Guess what? I’m in New York, so I don’t see oil anyway (it’s not Jersey here).

Someone hook that shit up for me and I’ll be down there yesterday!


First off, if I wanted to eat mercury, I’d suck on a broken thermometer, but I don’t appreciate getting it from my food. Tuna + mercury = dead brain cells which makes you stupid, and mercury also causes birth defects. I don’t care if the government sets safe mercury limits in food for people. How about this – no mercury in my food is safe mercury. So no tuna (or swordfish, or whatever else is infected with mercury) for me. And these stupid ass pharmaceutical companies need to stop putting it into vaccines. I don’t care that your dumbass company wants to preserve it longer. You cheap fools are only concerned about profits and not about people. Stop giving kids autism and get that shit out of the vaccine.

Capitalism causes problems because all anyone sees is green… not what’s best for people. Why pay to dispose mercury properly when illegally dumping in the water is free? Instead of fining these corporations, we should take the people responsible and drown them in their mercury wastes. Why make vaccines last only for a few months when we can give them a shelf life of two years? Money is the answer – and it’s the wrong answer.