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Stop Defending This Fucking Heatwave

July 22nd, 2011 8:39pm No comments

Want to know what the best part of this heatwave is? I got a the Epic Swarm Foursquare badge out of it. Otherwise, nothing.

Fuck the summer. You have to waste like millions of killowathours running ACs just to stay comfortable in small spaces, then when you walk out, it’s insta-hot. The trains and subways smell like sweat and the platforms are literally 125 degrees.

Here’s another fine excerpt of my laws of flawless logic. There is one reason why it’s better to be cold. You can always add more layers and get warm. Nuff said. If it’s hot and you’re ass naked, you’re still hot (but not as hot as me) and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Why are there like 40 people defending this shit?

Even the Rocknation dude called me out.



So I go on Facebook and people are like:

HEY all YOU hating on the heat: please take your negativity to antarctica because you’ll be complaining about the snow again in a good 5 months. embrace the sunshine.

1) I won’t be complaining about snow. 2) I can embrace the sunshine when its 70, not 104.

To those complaining about the heat….newsflash, it’s July. And it was snowing in March. Stop.

Suck it. It’s not 100 every day in July, and I like snow.

Winter: Boo hoo it’s so cold, my car’s stuck in the snow! Summer: Oh no, it’s so hot! I <3 summer and I’m not looking forward to winter at all.

Get a car that doesn’t get stuck in snow. Bam!

People make me laugh.

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This is Why I Hate Summer

July 2nd, 2010 5:40pm No comments

Screenshot on my left is my biggest horror of summer. It was just in the 70s for the past two days with no humidity and it was glorious. Now we’re about to enter  a never ending 90+ heatwave. Unless I’m on vacation on the beach or at a pool, there is no reason for it to be that hot.

Fuck summer. Fuck the heat. Give me cold. Give me snow. I’m moving to Canada or Alaska.

See people don’t understand: if you’re cold, you can always snuggle, put on a sweatshirt, blankets, layers etc and be cozy. If its 90, you’re screwed unless you have an AC.

Is it fall yet?

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OMG Severe Weather Alert

January 5th, 2009 2:51am No comments

This is where I get enraged. I hate over-exaggeration and utter stupidity. The Weather Channel has a habit of doing that: “zomgz guys, blizzard warning (aka one inch of snow). Stockpile food, buy blankets, buy shovels, get generators. Prepare for the end of the world.” Chill, it’s an inch of snow, it’ll melt tomorrow. That was two years ago. The exaggeration has gotten much worse, I am not even making this up, but this was a severe alert I clicked from their Google weather gadget. I’ll tell you what’s severe: the amount of work that needs to be done to prevent this stupidity:


They put out a severe weather alert for light rain and above freezing temperatures. It’s not even a downpour or icy roads. Of course the road will get wet, it’s rain – morons. Coming next year: “Severe weather alert: Partly cloudy. Hey you never know…” You lost all your credibility, go away I’ll do my own weather from now on.

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