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Get the Fuck Off My Team: Phil Hughes Edition

Portfolioso August 5, 2013 No Comments Rants, Sports

LoHud Yankees Blog – Another bad one for Phil Hughes, who’s lost eight of his past 10 decisions since May 15. He has a 5.11 ERA in those starts, and has allowed five or more earned runs in five of those outings. “It’s been like a nightmare I can’t wake up from,” Hughes said. “It’s like a battle every time, even if I have a good start. It’s not easy. On a day like this, it’s really disappointing. I’m not going to stop working. I’ve got to fight to get out of this. It’s going to take work on the side. That’s all I can do.”

This guy fucking sucks. No excuses. No idea why everyone has a hard on for this guy. He’s lousy. Get the fuck off my team, you’re useless. Cashman is an idiot. Should have dealt this guy for minor league talent. The season is already over. Might as well rebuild this shitty-assed, battered, no name excuse of a team we have this 2013 season.

PS – I already cuncelled da Hughes via twitter on April 15th

Has Brian Cashman Lost His Fucking Mind?

Portfolioso March 11, 2013 No Comments Rants, Sports

This man is 100% outside his mind and I’m more confident in the fucking MTA than the Yankees this season.  This gentleman is absolutely wreckless. What a flop of an offseason. The Yankees are pulling some Mets-ass shit right now. Absolute embarrassment . Cashman is going around skydiving, breaking bones and tweeting at  a bunch of antiques because he can’t even get ahold of their agents. Derick Lee? Chipper Jones? Scot Rolen? These motherfuckers were in their prime in like 1997. Jesus Fucking Christ. I’d rather pull some asshole out of AAA than to pay millions of dollars to these washed up jokers.

I haven’t even been following the Yankees that closely this offseason with the exception that their team is on average 46 years old, Arod is a whiny bitch who should have gotten his contract voided and a Texiera keeps pulling his vagina muscle.

PREDICTION: Yankees will finish with a 77-86 record.

I’ll Kick the Yankees in the Ass

Portfolioso September 2, 2012 No Comments Rants, Sports

The Yankees are the shittiest-assed first place team I’ve ever seen. How do you collapse a 10 game lead to 2 games? You know what the problem is with this AAA team? You have Joe Girardi out there slapping motherfuckers high fives when they fuck up. Like Derek Lowe. The fuckin shitty Indians traded his ass because he was a mediocre, useless shitpile. And he comes over here, walks a fucking guy, gives up a base hit, two runs and then gets pulled without getting one out. And what does Girardi do? Fucking gives him a high five. Don’t slap them a high five. Fucking lose it on him, Wally Backman style. Asshole. Too lax with these shitheads. They need to be made an example out of.  Steinbrenner is spinning in his grave right now.


Jesus Christ, Dave Robertson

Portfolioso March 9, 2012 No Comments Sports

APP – The injury occurred on Wednesday night, when Robertson stumbled down a single step while taking a box to the recycling bin at his St. Petersburg home.

“It’s embarrassing,’’ Robertson said. “I don’t even want to have to come and talk to you guys about it. I’d rather be like, I tripped over a chair in the clubhouse or something than tell you I fell down the stairs at my house. And not like a full flight of stairs, just one stair.’’

You drunken prick. Who the fuck hurts their ankle walking down one stair before the baseball season starts?  And don’t look at me. I’m not a baseball player and I’m an alcoholic, so when I bust my ankle, it’s justified. Recycling? Really? The hell were you doing, bringing all the empties outside? I work like 5 feet away from the canyon of heroes now and if the Yankees don’t win 28 this year, then I just don’t even know what I’ll do.

You’re officially off my list of Yankees I’d go Gay for now. Seriously dude. Don’t waste your career like that asshole Joba did.

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