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Happy New Year

Happy New Year! So the earth’s rotation slowed so another second was added to 2008 to adjust for this. Ew. We don’t want another second added to 2008. 2008 sucked.

The Good: Giants Superbowl victory, The Dark Knight, New music (Metallica & AC/DC), Firefox 3, I’m still alive and doing okay since it could always be worse. Otherwise, I got nothing else for ya.

The bad: Stock indexes posted the worst yearly losses since 1931, a failing economy, George Carlin died, The Yankees sucked and missed the playoffs for the first time since 1994, a reporter dude had bad aim and missed Bush’s head with a shoe and other personal failures of my own which I will not mention here (because I’m not really open in general, but I especially won’t post it online). But that can be easily solved in a new year, so it’s insignificant.

So in the words of me “2008 can go take a crap” (Jon gets a kick out of that). Here’s to 2009! Fresh start and time to do some exiting new things, for the better. Sidenote: things won’t instantaneously get better – it’s not like a magic switch was thrown and the shit veil lifted, but hopefully things can start rolling and I won’t actually complain at this time next year.

New Year’s Resolution

I never really do New Year’s resolutions, but here’s my online version of one: I will update this site more in 2008!


Holiday Tree? Screw that, it’s a Christmas Tree

A Christmas tree is a Christmas Tree.
A Menorah is a Menorah.
I don’t know what the hell a holiday tree is…

You don’t hear Jews calling a Menorah a holiday lamp, do you? No, they don’t generalize Hanukkah.

I believe that saying happy holidays is fine, because it is a lazy way to generalize every person’s belief without studying what they are celebrating. However, this still does not justify replacing the word Christmas with holiday.

The fact that Christmas songs are banned in public schools is complete bull. If the choir at my high school could sing Hanukkah songs in Hebrew, why are we not allowed to hear Christmas songs? Everything should be equal.

So use the right name for things and stop generalizing everything that occurs in December to holiday.

Happy New Year

Pictures from Drew’s party are up and you can see them here. If you have not signed up for an account on my gallery, what are you waiting for! You need one to comment on the pictures and vote for your favorites. Hope everyone has a great year! (Edit: Dead link removed. I don’t do pictures anymore or an image gallery.)

Happy New Year to All!

Happy New Year to all. Wasn’t really the same – we need Dick Clark back. Regis is okay, but you really can’t have a New Year’s Rockin’ Eve without Dick Clark.

Anyway this is the first time this site’s working in 2005. Half of the datacenter was out (over 40 servers) Since the servers are located in Orlando, I think the admins were all drunk and celebrating the New Year with Mickey Mouse in Disneyworld. Oh well, its up now.