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If You Attempt To Kiss a Venomous Snake, You Deserve to Die

April 24th, 2015 9:49pm No comments

ABC News – A Florida man was bitten in the face by a venomous snake after trying to kiss it, authorities told ABC Tampa affiliate WFTS-TV. Austin Hatfield, 18, of Wimauma, told his friends he took a liking to the snake and decided to keep it as a pet, Robin Belcher, the mother of his best friend, Jason Belcher, told ABC News.

Are you kidding me? Took a liking to a poisonous snake? Tried to kiss it? I wouldn’t kiss a non-poisonous snake! Who in their right mind takes likings to poisonous snakes that can kill you in one fell swoop, let alone kisses them? You devil motherfucker you… Darwinism at its finest. But here’s the kicker… Now this dude is facing charges with the law for not having a permit to handle poisonous snakes or some shit? Huzuhhhhhh???? How does that make any sense? This backs up my point that America is not a free country. If I’m an idiot and want to kill myself by sucking face with a poisonous snake, that’s my problem, as long as it doesn’t harm anyone else. This is a waste of resources on someone who should be dead and not reproducing. Go to hell and hang out with all the fire snakes you want down there.

Thanks Danny for the link.

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What’s The Problem Here?

October 10th, 2014 12:08am No comments

NBC Chicago – Police are searching for a man who allegedly got a bit too “touchy-feely” with a woman’s feet at a grocery store parking lot in South Jersey.  The woman told police she was loading groceries into her vehicle in the parking lot of the ShopRite on Ark Road in Mount Laurel around 10:20 p.m. Saturday. As she began to close her driver’s side door, a man stopped the door from closing. The man then told the woman he wanted to speak to her and complimented her toes, according to investigators. The woman said the man then touched and squeezed two of her toes. After the woman told the man to stop touching her he let go and told her he was obsessed with toes, police said. He then walked away.

This was one of the headliners on my taxinews feed screen tonight… I was reading the news and getting all depressed because it was all about shootings, war, ebola, stabbings, homeless, poverty, robberies etc… Then this came up… I was like what the fuck…

Um. Here’s the thing. I don’t have a foot/toe fetish. I think that’s weird and it doesn’t do anything for me. Additionally, if you go up to strangers in the parking lot at 10 PM when it’s pitch black and start sucking on toes, that’s just flat out messed up and you should probably die of natural selection and never reproduce.

…But I think this went a little too far. I don’t see what the issue is here or why this is even news. Look at what I bolded above. She asked him to stop and he was like “oops, my bad. I’m kinda into toes and sorry that I weireded you out. You asked me to stop? Ok.” and then walked away….

So now the cops are wasting time looking for this guy? Don’t you have ISIS people to catch and murderers to stop? I assure you he’s no threat to anyone, other than being a weird.  What’s the problem here? He stopped and walked away when he was asked to. No trouble….


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CVS Is a Stupid Fucking Corporation and I Hope they Go Bankrupt

September 4th, 2014 2:08am No comments – As CVS sharpens its focus on customer health, the nation’s second-largest drugstore chain will tweak its corporate name and stop the sale of tobacco nearly a month sooner than planned. CVS Caremark said it will now be known as CVS Health, effective immediately. The signs on its roughly 7,700 drugstores won’t change, so the change may not register with shoppers. However, those customers will see a big change when they check out. The cigars and cigarettes that used to fill the shelves behind store cash registers have been replaced with nicotine gum and signs urging visitors to kick the tobacco habit.

CVS and other drugstores have delved deeper into customer health in recent years, in part to serve the aging baby boom generation and the millions of uninsured people who are expected to gain coverage under the federal health care overhaul. While competitors Walgreen Co. and Rite Aid Corp. still sell tobacco, they’ve all started offering more health care products and added walk-in clinics to their stores while expanding the care they provide.

‘‘We’re doing more and more to extend the front lines of health care,’’ CVS CEO Larry Merlo said.

CVS still stocks its shelves with sugary snacks and other foods that are considered unhealthy. But company executives have been quick to point out that while chocolate bars in moderation pose little health risk, no amount of tobacco is considered safe.

You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me, CVS. This has got to be one of the most idiotic policies I’ve ever heard in my life – banning tobacco. Is smoking bad? Yes. Do I like cigarettes? For sure not. I hate them and think they’re fucking disgusting and shorten your life for no reason. But this is a free country and if you’re a smoker, you should be able to smoke if you want to kill yourself. CVS banning cigarettes because they’re re-branding themselves as a “health” company is fucking ridiculous.  Geta load of this quote: “while chocolate bars in moderation pose little health risk, no amount of tobacco is considered safe.So you’re telling me that if I take one puff of a cigarette, I will 100% get lung cancer? You fucking idiots.  If you want to be a healthcare company, why not also stop selling alcohol – it destroys people’s livers. Why not ban soda – not for the sugar, but because it has cancer causing chemicals including sodium benzoate which breaks down into benzine, which is a carcinogen. Ban bleach – kids can drink that and die. Ban Tylenol – it destroys your liver. Ban potato chips – it has fat and calories and cholesterol. Ban it all! Sell nothing! Assholes.

I am all about less government regulation and corporations should be able to do anything they want, as long as it’s reasonable. Yes, CVS is a company and can refuse to sell anything they don’t want to. But look at it this way: Cigarettes aren’t profitable. With all the fucking government regulation, licenses and other bullshit, you might actually lose money selling cigarettes. So if CVS thinks it’s unprofitable and wants to save money, they should be like “Hey. The United States Government is a piece of shit that taxes the fuck out of us selling this cancer causing shitty product, so for us to stop losing money, we are choosing to stop selling cigarettes.” If that was the reason given, I’d respect them 100%. But don’t give me this bullshit that you’re a healthcare company. The CEO couldn’t give two fucks about the common man’s health and is concerned about lining his pockets and his company’s pockets. So BLOW ME if you think my logic is wrong, because it’s not.

But hey, look at their stock. It’s through the roof, so what the fuck do I know:


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