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And Another One!!!

For fuck’s sake, another one! There’s something about these 9/11 remembrance posts on Facebook that make people bastardize the English language:

There live’s? Honestly…

It it bad that…

The first thing I thought of when I saw this Facebook post was the blatant misuse of the word effected.

Should be affected, dumbass!

Attention People Who Misuse the Apostrophe S: Fucking Learn English

People have a habit of putting an ‘s onto words when it shouldn’t be there. FUCKING GET IT RIGHT:
  1. Use the apostrophe to show possession. Place the apostrophe before thesto show singular possession.
  2. Use the apostrophe where the noun that should follow is implied.
  3. To show plural possession, make the noun plural first. Then immediately use the apostrophe.
I’m sick and tired of reading business emails of people who sound like fucking morons. “Can you take a look at these gift card’s?” “Her tit’s are huge” “These customer’s all complained” “Billy and Roger are big boy’s”


FarmVille Devs – Learn English

If you don't notice the blatant grammatical error in the above image, kill yourself.

Dear people at Zynga who make FarmVille. It is a popular game. There are over 80 million users. The least you can do is fucking write in proper English. “Alex found a sad llama on their farm.” Really? I must have missed it, but since when did Alex become plural? Stupid morons.