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Borat Soundboard

I decided to take some clips from Borat’s movie and create a soundboard with many well known Borat expressions. Enjoy and send me your prank calls. Unfortunately I have no idea how to work with flash, so I made a program out of it. The only drawbacks are the huge file size (embedded wavs) and it only works on Windows.

Download (11.7MB)

This is an image and it will not work on the website. You’ll have to download it and run it. (Yes it’s an exe, but I promise it’s safe)

Edit: Version 2.0 released –> More sounds, smaller file size and I also fixed some distorted sounds. Have Fun.



MD5 File Hash Checking Tool

So I haven’t updated this site in a while and instead of telling about my life, I’m going to spend my time writing about a useless program I modded (so very early this morning).

I needed a program that checks the MD5 hash of any file. What the heck is an MD5 hash? There are two ways to describe this. It is an encryption algorithm that is mostly used to encrypt passwords stored in certain places (example online forums, etc). However, the algorithm can also be used on an input file to generate a unique string of numbers. Why is this useful? Well, it can verify that a file you’re downloading from the internet is genuine. If you rename the file, it makes no difference – the MD5 hash will be the same. However any change to the file will result in a different hash.

I found a little open source program known as MD5’Fer which calculated the MD5 hash of any file. However, I didn’t like the way it was programmed – it needed to be more user friendly. So instead of browsing for a file, I modded it so you can drag a file right into the program, or even drop in onto the exe before the program is running. Since the program is open source, I am forced under GPL to release the code to anyone who asks for it. So why did I bother modding this program? There are a few good checksum programs out there, but they annoyed me and needed to be installed. This is only 2 files and 44kb. No clutter and it works beautifully.

Download: Here (44KB) username and pw is login

MD5 Checksum (of the rar archive): 1B4890300E92C0406F83044B9E6E32D3

Simply extract the two files and then drag a file onto the .exe (or you can open the exe and drag a file into it, or you can browse for a file). It will tell you the checksum value.

If no one understands any of this, then whatever. Someone will have to find it useful.

Peer Guardian

This is a Portfolioso endorsed advertisement for an awesome program that no one should be without.

PeerGuardian 2 is Phoenixlabs’ premier IP blocker for Windows. PeerGuardian 2 integrates support for multiple lists, list editing, automatic updates, and blocking all of IPv4 (TCP, UDP, ICMP, etc), making it the safest and easiest way to protect your privacy while using P2P applications. What does this mean in English? It just blocks IP addresses from bad ranges. The default IP list that comes with the program is a P2P (peer to peer) list.

So why block P2P? If you download music or other files on the internet, there are a lot of servers with fake data on them. Sometimes you’ll get scrambled music files. As for the bittorrent community, the RIAA and MPAA are hiring tracing companies such as MediaSentry to collect IP addresses so legal action can be taken against those who download illegally.

Note: I am not endorsing the use of P2P for illegal purposes. It is wrong to break copyright laws. I’m just informing why people should use this program. There are a lot of legitimate torrents (such as videos licensed under Creative Commons, for instance, Revision3) and the bad servers can mess around with these legitimate, legal torrents – so it’s good to stay protected. Even if you are downloading legal content, your IP can be confused by tracing companies like Mediasentry (since the other people you’re downloading from may also share illegal stuff, you connect to those peers to download the legal content. If the peer you’re connected to gets traced, you may be pointed the blame even if you are 100% innocent).

If you don’t download illegal stuff to begin with, you will never get caught – keep that in mind. PeerGuardian helps, but nothing is perfect and EVERYTHING you do on the internet is traceable.

Download it here: http://phoenixlabs.org/pg2/

MouseTrax Beta 2

Ok so I pretty much finished MouseTrax last year and thought it was all good until I randomly used it today in programming and found a bug. For anyone new here, Mousetrax is a program that counts how many keys you pressed, how many times you clicked your mouse and the distance your mouse has travelled on the screen.

So I went home and fixed the bug and while I was looking at the code, realized how much of a noob I was when I wrote it (first program). So basically I cleaned up a lot of useless bloated inefficient code, so it’s a lot smaller. I also fixed other bugs and added in some new minor features. Go to the Programs page to download it and read the latest changelog.


Everyone needs to download Skype. It is a voice over IP internet phone that acts like a real phone. The quality is amazing, too. I tried it out with Dan and it worked well, even on his crappy connection. It’s much better than AIM’s chat (which is muffled and isn’t even like a phone). Best of all – Skype is FREE. So you have nothing to lose. Get it now!

Basically all you do is sign up with a username and then you can call different people’s usernames. It will ring when you receive a call and act just like a real phone. Skype has a contact list and an online list. You can change your status from online, away, offline, unavaiable and a few others.

IM me if you need help setting it up or whatever. This is definitely worth it…

Get it here: http://www.skype.com/go/getskype