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Holiday Tree? Screw that, it’s a Christmas Tree

December 17th, 2006 11:32pm Leave a comment

A Christmas tree is a Christmas Tree.
A Menorah is a Menorah.
I don’t know what the hell a holiday tree is…

You don’t hear Jews calling a Menorah a holiday lamp, do you? No, they don’t generalize Hanukkah.

I believe that saying happy holidays is fine, because it is a lazy way to generalize every person’s belief without studying what they are celebrating. However, this still does not justify replacing the word Christmas with holiday.

The fact that Christmas songs are banned in public schools is complete bull. If the choir at my high school could sing Hanukkah songs in Hebrew, why are we not allowed to hear Christmas songs? Everything should be equal.

So use the right name for things and stop generalizing everything that occurs in December to holiday.

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