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Long Load Time

December 19th, 2006 3:22pm Leave a comment

I noticed that the load time of this website kind of sucks, and I need to do something about it… Regular, static pages load quickly, but for some reason, if you go to my site for the first time, it takes like 10 seconds to execute all the SQL queries. There’s something wrong with WordPress, PHP or MYSQL on my server. I have a feeling that my bloated, clunky WordPress theme I’m using is messing something up.

Portfolioso.com is due for a new layout. I’m not really impressed with it, its code doesn’t validate against W3’s XHTML standard, and it isn’t all that web 2.0 looking… We’ll see what happens, now that I have time over break.

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  1. January 4th, 2007 at 11:47 | #1

    Hey man, just thought that i should comment you. haha. you got some funny stuff on your website. i check back in every now and then. see ya later.

    p.s. people love “the end of the world” and the “pygmy shrew” haha. and thanks for the AIM RES.

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