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There You Go

December 13th, 2008 11:41am No comments

If you’re smart enough (or German enough) to figure this out, good for you.

Rotors: I,II,III @ Start positions: M,P,A
Steckers: GT

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No Patience for Stupidity

December 1st, 2008 9:46am No comments

I woke up this morning after a 2 hour, disturbed sleep (because I have way too much on my mind this week) to go to a class. I have a few spare minutes before I head out so I throw on some TV and Fox 61 news. Being from around New York (where we have legitimate news broadcasts), I usually don’t have access to this inferior Fox feed.

So the meteorologist comes on to do the weather and he’s recapping the 2008 hurricane season, stating that it’s officially over and gave some general information about it. Then he goes on to make a fool out of himself and says (I quote directly, no bull) “Well hurricane season is over. Meteorologically speaking, today’s the first day of winter.” Okay buddy, I don’t know where you got your degree from, but since when is December 1st the first day of winter? I think it’s common knowledge (and anyone in an 8th grade earth science class can back me up on this) that the winter solstice does not begin until December 21st. Actually I lied, people are generally ignorant with science. That’s fine. But you are a meteorologist, probably have a degree in this area and are on television. Get your facts right. I have no patience for this stupidity to be broadcast on the air. This is why the majority of people in this country are stupid. This was an absolute outrage and set me into a sour mood learning that these so called “professionals” have no idea what they are talking about and are spewing ignorance to the public.

So this other time, I’m in Bridgeport picking up some food and some other stupid moron is like. “Man I can’t wait until January 1st until we gots our new president.” Go pick your brain out of your teef, put it back in your head and learn something about the country you live in. I just have no comment. I bet there are morons out there who, if you go around asking who the president is, will reply “Obama.” I’ll be moving to my own island nation soon. Women (smart ones) and a high speed internet connection will be readily available, there will be no copyright law and we secede from the United States of Ignorance.

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