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Life Without Oxygen

April 8th, 2010 3:25am Leave a comment

Science Now – Scientists have found the first multicellular animals that apparently live entirely without oxygen. The creatures reside deep in one of the harshest environments on earth: the Mediterranean Ocean’s L’Atalante basin, which contains salt brine so dense that it doesn’t mix with the oxygen-containing waters above.

Newsflash. I had this theory since I was 7 years old and obsessed with space in second grade, and every time I told teachers and other people, I got laughed at. Who’s right now, suckers!

Who the hell says life needs oxygen to live? I always had it in my mind that maybe different forms of life can survive using different elements. Get out of your bubble people! Maybe oxygen is toxic to some organism on another planet.  Just because life on earth as we know it requires oxygen doesn’t mean that some other creature on some other planet can’t live by synthesizing let’s say, methane gas.

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  1. Bitch
    August 18th, 2013 at 10:24 | #1

    This isn’t “your theory” dipshit, it’s documented geological history. See “Oxygen Catastrophe”.

    You’re a little bit funny, but your gross overestimation of your own intellect is just clownish and stupid. Fucking idiot.

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