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WiFi Makes Trees Sick?

November 21st, 2010 11:58am Leave a comment

Gawker – The dutch city of Alphen aan den Rijn commissioned the study five years ago to figure out why their city’s trees were developing weird growths, according to PC World. The study, conducted by a researcher at Wageningen University, found that 70 percent of trees in urban areas exhibited similar symptoms today, while only 10 percent did five years ago. What’s to blame for the increase? Wi-Fi, maybe.

This has to be the dumbest study in the history of scientific studies. WiFi is causing abnormal growths on trees? Please! I’m pretty sure WiFi existed in 2005. Ever think that maybe trees in urban areas are also exposed to smoke, soot, pollution, acid rain and noise? Hmm, maybe that’s it. WiFi is a radio wave. It’s non ionizing and has a long wavelength. It’s no different than radio stations really. It’s not like WiFi is giving off intense high frequency xrays or gamma rays that destroy cells. They should make me a scientist who studies this crap. I’ll put them right.

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