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You’ve Gotta Be Outside Your Mind To Be a Paid Sober Companion

July 26th, 2013 11:31am No comments

The Fix – Making $600 a day to help a Hollywood star stay sober seemed like a great opportunity. I quickly became disillusioned, and found that profiting from AA service could cost me my own sobriety.

I read this article on the train and it fascinated me. First I thought it would be awesome to do this. But it isn’t. In summary: this average, former drug addict who had no money and lived in a hole in the wall was paid $18,000 for a month to be a sober companion to some celebrity. It ended up driving him batshit and the dude actually relapsed.

Hells no! If I go to L.A and live with a celeb, there is no way on this planet I won’t be partying my ass off and getting as messy as possible. No way. You can keep the money. Isn’t the only point of being in L.A the partying, messy celeb lifestyle?

Secondly, this celeb’s manager was kind of a dick. Dude was bitching about flying first class and getting flat tires in his hundred thousand dollar car. F that noise. You think I want to go and drive around some dude’s Bentley and fear for my life that I’d wreck it? For sure not. If I go to L.A, I want to be banging Playboy bunnies Vinny Chase style. Not wrestling a bottle out of a washed up celebrity’s hand.


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