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It’s 2014 – Facebook Has Absolutely No Useful Purpose Anymore

January 15th, 2014 10:39pm No comments

Is it me, or is the only purpose of Facebook to see reposts of Buzzfeed articles? Because that’s all. I don’t even get the point of going straight to Buzzfeed because it will just show up on your news feed.  Buzzfeed, news feed – same shit. You used to be able to poke hot girls you were trying to bang people and shit and I feel like it used to be more personal. Now it’s just one giant feed of bullshit and reposts I don’t give a fuck about. This is why I don’t go on there or post shit there anymore, unless someone interacts with me first. Okay, maybe every once in a while I’ll post a video of that CNBC guy who had a dick on his back on my boy’s wall from college to bring back some times, but other than that. Whatever.

You know what I miss? Back when Facebook looked like this and was simple. And when networks actually meant something.



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