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Sometimes I Wonder Weird Things… (tl;dr social media ramble)

October 7th, 2018 1:22am Comments off

Social media stinks. Facebook is garbage (politics are garbage, don’t want to hear it, k thx). I’m over bitching on Twitter, and am trying to get more positive. Instgram’s cool for now (I’m sure Facebook will ruin it eventually), especially seeing a stream of people’s life experiences.

Made me wonder about why social media is bad for society these days. I was out at dinner tonight and there were a bunch of high school kids at homecoming. Not talking, just on their phones 85% of the time I looked over. A table full of middle school kids – all on phones.

But most important reason social media is bad is that it’s addictive. Obsessedly checking for likes probably hits all the same sections of the brain as hardcore drugs do…

So real talk – I was going through my feed and liking people’s posts. And I flat out don’t like some. I’m either not into that person, or my idiot negatively firing brain for no good reason just wants to make fun of people’s looks or bullshit like that. But I want to be a nice person so I’ll never be mean… So I tell myself, wtf – these people can’t help how they look, they’re happy, why are you trying to rain on their parade ya fuckin miserab. So I stop because I don’t have any room for being a jerk to people.

Where am I going with this? So I wondered if people wondered or noticed I don’t give a royal shit about them, on the grounds that I don’t like or comment on any of their posts. And that’s narcissistic af, amirite?

And this is exactly my point of why social media is a dumpster fire. Because before all this shit, I’d be out in nature with friends having a ball. But what am I doing instead? Obsessingly checking for likes, having asshole, negative thoughts and being a narcissist who wonders if people are mad or notice that I like it some people’s shit but not theirs. Does it make them feel bad, jealous? Do they not care back? Not notice? Why am I thinking these things? Jeeeeeesus.

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