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War has Been Declared

May 2nd, 2003 5:34pm Leave a comment

Today, BTC has declared war on me!!! LOL!!!! He has officially broken the contract signed in April by using my name on his site. Technically I can take legal action but I really don’t care much so I’m just wasting time writing about it.

Tension started back at the end of March with the biology book vandalism, in which Brian cut through the cover and 8 pages of my book with a razor blade. Next, he wanted help with Html coding and when I would not provide it, he posted false information on his site. A contract was signed which stated that I would provide him with html help and he wouldn’t use my name on his site. Well that all changed today when I wouldn’t provide help with his java applet, because he’s been bugging me for like a week nonstop. Yesterday, he stole Spanish notes from me, which didn’t help. Anyway, Here is the actual declaration (portions of vulgarity edited out)

Brian (4:03:51 PM): Did you figure out the java applet
Jpcef (4:22:10 PM): no I didn’t I’m having a lot more trouble then to worry about a stupid java applet that’s going on a site that 10 people see
Brian (4:22:28 PM): F*** YOU MOTHA F*****

Note to all: I wouldn’t really be taking this all seriously and really don’t care.

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