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Annoying Popups

May 20th, 2003 5:40pm Leave a comment

Popups are very annoying, but at least you can close normal ones. But perhaps, the most annoying popup is one that tries to install something on your computer without you really knowing what it is. It has a little “Would you like to install such and such on your computer” Yes or No. (Now don’t get me wrong some of these things are good and necessary. Good computer users carefully monitor which ones to put on and which ones are useless wastes of space.)

Anyway my point… You can’t close them. I didn’t want some swimsuit manager useless shit thingy on my computer and I clicked no. Then it says oops, you forgot to click yes. Um… Asshole, I clicked no for a reason and didn’t forget shit. Then when I kept clicking no, this oops thing keeps popping up. How damn annoying. I don’t want your shitty components on my computer, and that’s final.


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