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Pedro Martinez is a Bum

July 10th, 2003 6:07pm Leave a comment

Pedro Martinez and the entire Red Sox organization can all go f*** themselves. First of all Pedro Martinez has no right to throw at Jeter and Soriano and hit them twice in a row. There’s no friggin way a pitcher that good with that control can possibly hit two people in a row. The fact that he threw it in the same exact location is puzzling also.

Then George Steinbrenner spoke out about how intentional that was and how Pedro should have been warned. I don’t blame the guy. If I owned a team, I wouldn’t want a bum throwing at my all-stars.

Then Pedro responds with:
“Georgie Porgie, he might buy the whole league, but he doesn’t have enough money to buy fear to put in my heart.”

Shut up bum!!! You are the one with some nerve to hit the players then you get pissed at him?

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