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Editing This Site

September 26th, 2003 6:42pm No comments

In case any of you are wondering what it looks like when I update my site, Here are two images of what it looks like.

This is what the main page looks like on Easy Designer
This is what it looks like when I am editing my news (what you’re reading now)

Edit 3/2005 : AHAHAHAHAHAHA. Wow that’s funny. What a crappy way to update. Now I’m implementing a l33t Database php post system which makes it like 943723 times easier

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Fire Drills

September 25th, 2003 6:40pm No comments

There better never be a fire in EHS. The genius staff there decides to change all the fire exit routes for each room in the building. Then, there is a new policy where attendance has to be taken outside. Well anyway, if there was a real fire, we’d all burn or suffocate to death because it took like five minutes to get out. The hallways were jammed with people and I went deaf from the loud bells ringing in my ear. Once we got outside, attendance was taken. The reason for this is that in case there is a real fire, they want to know if anyone is missing so they can send someone in. Believe me, if there ever was a real fire and the school was in flames, the hell with the escape route. I’ll go my own way to get my ass out of there as fast as I can. Then later I’ll try to be accounted for.

That’s the problem when rules are changed… Everything was fine last year. Now its so strict.

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September 22nd, 2003 6:38pm No comments

I do better in Spanish with Chan sitting behind me. In 7th grade I got like 99s on every test when Chan was sitting behind me. In 8th and 9th grade, I did well but got like mid 90s. So this year I didn’t study for either test and got a couple of 97s. (Well I almost studied for one but then I fell asleep because it was late.) It’s amazing. Go Chan!!

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Site Trouble

September 18th, 2003 6:35pm No comments

If you tried to access this site in the past few days you may have noticed that it takes forever to load. The AOL servers are probably jammed and need rebooting. We’ll see how long this continues. I have removed the start up sound and some images (on this page only) to speed it up. Still, it is slow. Until I figure out what’s wrong with it, you’ll just have to deal with the slow speeds.

UPDATE 9/22/03: To fix the problem type this in your browser:

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Do NOT Ask Me for TI-83 programs

September 14th, 2003 6:34pm No comments

Here is my new policy. NO ONE WHATSOEVER gets any graphing calculator program from me anymore. It’s a shame because I was giving them out at first. However, some certain person keeps threatening me for them and now that person just ruined it for everyone. I try to be fair to people and this is what happens. Certain people don’t even bother with me but if they need something I’m their first preference. Not anymore. Plus, I have my own work to do and don’t have time to download custom programs. Especially Tetris. Let me tell you something about Tetris. It really sucks on the TI-83+ and in order for it to work, you need like 12 files. I just don’t have the time to transfer 12 files to 100 people. Another point to ponder. Some of these programs really mess up your calculator and I don’t feel like buying everyone a new one. So it’s not that I’m selfish or mean. I have my reasons.

If you want programs, spend $20 and get the cable yourself or buy a TI-83+ Silver Edition which comes with a cable. It’s not like I’m some immaculate being that is the only one able to get programs. A $20 USB cable won’t break the bank. GET IT AND PLEASE DON’T BOTHER ME.

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