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Editing This Site

September 26th, 2003 6:42pm No comments

In case any of you are wondering what it looks like when I update my site, Here are two images of what it looks like.

This is what the main page looks like on Easy Designer
This is what it looks like when I am editing my news (what you’re reading now)

Edit 3/2005 : AHAHAHAHAHAHA. Wow that’s funny. What a crappy way to update. Now I’m implementing a l33t Database php post system which makes it like 943723 times easier

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Fire Drills

September 25th, 2003 6:40pm No comments

There better never be a fire in EHS. The genius staff there decides to change all the fire exit routes for each room in the building. Then, there is a new policy where attendance has to be taken outside. Well anyway, if there was a real fire, we’d all burn or suffocate to death because it took like five minutes to get out. The hallways were jammed with people and I went deaf from the loud bells ringing in my ear. Once we got outside, attendance was taken. The reason for this is that in case there is a real fire, they want to know if anyone is missing so they can send someone in. Believe me, if there ever was a real fire and the school was in flames, the hell with the escape route. I’ll go my own way to get my ass out of there as fast as I can. Then later I’ll try to be accounted for.

That’s the problem when rules are changed… Everything was fine last year. Now its so strict.

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September 22nd, 2003 6:38pm No comments

I do better in Spanish with Chan sitting behind me. In 7th grade I got like 99s on every test when Chan was sitting behind me. In 8th and 9th grade, I did well but got like mid 90s. So this year I didn’t study for either test and got a couple of 97s. (Well I almost studied for one but then I fell asleep because it was late.) It’s amazing. Go Chan!!

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