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What is Wrong with the RIAA?

September 10th, 2003 6:32pm Leave a comment

The RIAA has gone too far with these lawsuits. First of all there are tens of millions of Americans sharing files on networks. Trying to sue every one will not accomplish anything. When you have mass copyright infringement, you can’t stop it. If three people were doing it, that’s a different story. These greedy bastards want every record sale and decide to sue people for distributing music. But in their haste, what do they do? Sue 12 year old girls. Instead of worrying about catching druggies, terrorists and criminals, they sue 12 year olds for something that isn’t causing trouble to anyone. Meanwhile, there’s four Arabs loose in this country planning to terrorize. Yet, we worry about file sharing. Priorities people.

See, this lawsuit business was thought up by some clown because record sales dropped. Did those idiots consider that the economy’s in a depression, any maybe people aren’t spending as much? No, the immediately blame file sharing. I’ll bet the children of these people download music themselves. What nonsense. DO NOT BE AFRAID.

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