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October 2nd, 2003 6:43pm Leave a comment

Ok. I’m sitting here writing this post, writing an essay and watching the Yankees make sloppy fielding errors all at the same time. Not too bad… But what scares me most is the fact that I have chemistry lab tomorrow. See, I love labs and really wouldn’t mind spending the entire six hours and thirty six minutes there. The only thing is, I don’t want to be severely wounded by none other then…. Marc!!!! Yes, that’s right. He almost set my first lab report on fire (because he didn’t master the concept of the match), spilled limewater on my hand, and almost broke numerous beakers, test tubes and other glassware. I was going to dedicate a page to his lab blunders, but I can’t right now. There goes lab safety… Sure everything’s (not) going to be okay. Well, at least I’ll get to have a good laugh… It is kind of funny.

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