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Pedro Martinez Sucks

October 11th, 2003 7:41pm Leave a comment

This isn’t the first time I have posted a message about this bum. In case any of you have missed it, during today’s ALCS game Pedro decided to be an asshole (like he always is – see my other post in my Old News section for more info about what he did last time.) After both benches were warned about not hitting players intentionally, Roger Clemens threw a pitch nowhere near some Red Sox Player. It was not intentional but this bum instigated and complained to the umpire that it was intentional. Pedro then came out and motioned to a Yankee that he’d throw a pitch right at their head to retaliate. Shortly after, he grabbed Don Zimmer, the Yankees’ bench coach, by the neck and threw him to the floor. This is uncalled for. You don’t throw an elderly person to the floor. And don’t tell me Don Zimmer was attacking him. Even if he was, how can a 72 year old harm an animal??? Pedro is a sneaky, slimy idiot who should be fined for doing stupid things. He complains about every little thing to umpires.

Pedro Martinez sucks and so do the Red Sox. Everyone on that team and all the fans have an extremely bad attitude. The hell with Pedro Martinez and The hell with the Red Sox. Let the curse of the Bambino live on. (And I’m toning this down too, I wish I could write what I’m really thinking)

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