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Trouble on Mars

December 28th, 2003 8:44pm Leave a comment

Never send anything to Mars. It’s a big waste of money. Every exploring thingy that was sent there to explore and search for life stopped responding to mission control. The latest European “Beagle” was supposed to have landed already and should have sent a signal telling that it did. This never happened, and it is probably lost. In 1999, NASA sent a Polar Lander to explore – it disappeared and lost communication. Also, in the 1970s, there was a Soviet lander that was sent and it failed after sending 20 seconds of data. Everything that goes there gets destroyed. People should learn to stop wasting money.

There are two possibilities for the repeated loss of communication. 1. The landers used Microsoft communication software. or 2. There are things on Mars destroying them. Scientists are full of shit. They say the recent Beagle probably landed in an area with bad terrain and can’t find a signal. This is possible, but with today’s technology, there is no reason why all three things should fail. Watch out for Mars because there may be things there screwing around with our equipment and blowing up our shit.

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