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Christmas Break’s Shot And There Was No Sign Of Me The Whole Time

January 4th, 2004 8:49pm Leave a comment

Ever notice how I’m never free to do shit? No kidding. This site was pretty much not updated the whole time (except with Useless stuff…. Wait that’s the point of this site… whatever)So my point is, when there’s school, there’s better posts… It’s just the way my brain works. The less time I have to fool around with this site (due to schoolwork), the more I update it!!! I roll like that. Anyway… off topic.

What did I do the whole time that I wasn’t seen in public? (Well maybe I’d go outside my door more often if I wasn’t so ugly but scratch that right now….) Friday, I fixed the piece of shit laptop and did all homework right away. The rest of break I was in Hawaii!!! Well maybe not but the following is true: I didn’t touch one single book! I also played a lot of Unreal, ate a lot, slept a lot, shit a lot, watched the entire third season of Curb Your Enthusiasm back to back (HBO rocks), went into NYC (where I saw a guy scratching his ass, then selling hotdogs), played more Unreal, excessively saw family members like a million times. Unfortunately, I missed Connolly’s little tournament and the other times that I wasn’t doing anything I was probably at Tony’s house.

Now that everyone’s depressed that break is over I’ve got a new season of Curb Your Enthusiasm to give me a little more….. Enthusiasm!!! (Lol how ironic… that’s actually the right way to put it) Do yourself a favor and start going to school in a good mood by watching HBO today at 9:30PM.

Shit… What a ramble. Sorry I wasted your time if you read this..

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