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AIM 5.5 Sucks

February 26th, 2004 9:57pm Leave a comment

AIM 5.5 sucks. Immediately uninstall it and get 5.2.3292. First of all, the buddy list window seems to be getting smaller with each release and now the ads contain sound, video and macromedia flash. The screenname linking is retarded. It would have been better off if they made AIM clone instead of this. I don’t know what they were trying to prove. And they think they’re so swift adding games and such. Games can be played on other websites. The point of AIM is to chat, not to play games. AIM is becoming cluttered with shit that lags your computer.. Invisibility was added. Big shit… That could be done with AOL anyway… The only improvement is notifications, which can be annoying, especially if you have lots of people on your buddy list.

Finally, it installs a shitload of WildTangent spyware (about 70 registry keys of shit, and 30+ files). That’s right! AIM now with spyware. Use AdAware and remove AIM. I am not using this version until I can figure out some stuff…

Here’s some stuff that ALL versions of AIM install and you can safely remove them. First of all, “Viewpoint Media Player” is a useless piece of crap that you can uninstall because it does nothing. Also, In your C:/Program Files folder, delete the “aod” folder. This is useless crap that installs AOL for Broadband links on your desktop, favorites and start menu (when you first install AIM) It’s not used after that and is a waste.

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