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Portfolioso.com is up!!

May 29th, 2004 10:47pm Leave a comment

Now it’s easy to remember my site. Just go to portfolioso.com! About friggin time I got my own domain name. Anyway, it should also be nice and fast (unlike the shitty members.aol.com crap which is still lagging its ass off). I have removed a couple of pages that were pointless but added some new php stuff like forums and a guestbook. Also check out http://files.portfolioso.com which is just like the server I was running from my own computer, only it should be up all the time and will be much faster! Enjoy the new site!

Big thanks to Anthony over at http://phasedma.com for being kind enough to answer all my questions about domain names and hosting… I’m sure he could have been doing many other things rather than sitting and answering all my dumb questions. Thanks again!!!

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