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Some More Downtime

July 11th, 2004 10:59pm Leave a comment

I have no idea what happend before around 2PM today. This site was fine then all of a sudden it was down for at least an hour (maybe more). Then, I tried to get a server status from my hosting company’s website and their site was down. Next, I tried emailing them and their mail servers were down so the email wouldn’t go through. Finally, I tried looking at the support forums where they post server issues and that server is still not up. I know it went out around 2PM but I have no idea when it came back.

Anyway, I emailed tech support. They sent back a disgustingly ungramatical email which is very unlike them, because their support is usually great. I make a lot of typos, but this is professional, they should at least check it over. Get ready to count the typos (I’ve made them bold):

Hello, We are currently having a network issue with some of our servres that are located in some of our old datacenter space in the the Northeastern US, this should be resolved soon within 1-2 hours. Thank you for your patience regarding this matter.

Also last night and early this morning we had to performe some maintence on the
domain on server, in an effort to provide better and faster
support in the future for our customers. We are currently up and running. -Erik

Hahaha… I just laughed.

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