Month: September 2004


Portfolioso September 24, 2004 No Comments Useless Update

Posting live from computer number 8 in the EHS Library!! W00t. Basically, this is just a random post because I happen to be bored and haven’t updated in a while. All my crazy classes are out of the way and the rest of my day’s easy. Dannyrob needed me to help him with physics lab, but I pretty muchy ignored the poor kid. Anyway, Brian is sitting next to me talking about his programming crap and Dannyrob can’t stop coughing. So that’s the story of my day.

Do Not Pop Your Collar

Portfolioso September 17, 2004 No Comments Useless Update

The term “popping your collar” refers to a shirt with the collar unfolded so it goes all the way up a person’s neck. Supposedly, it was made popular by some hip hop artists out there. Thankfully, this retarded trend hasn’t made it to this area yet, but I must educate you people to prevent it from happenning. Popping your collar is NOT in. You look like a damn moron.

Let’s examine. If you have a shirt with a collar, instead of wearing it normally, like this, idiots who “pop their collars” wear shirts looking like this. NOT COOL!!!

What are some reasons people do this? If they’re trying to keep their neck warm, then get a scarf. If they’re trying to be cool, they should understand that it isn’t cool and looks insane. Please be sure to point and laugh at anyone who pops their collar.

AIM 5.9 Released

Portfolioso September 9, 2004 No Comments Computer/ Tech Related

A new version of AIM was recently released. Overall, it is a little better than the 5.5 series, but can be annoying at times and needs modding. I provided a nice AimRes.dll file that you can use to replace the original one to remove ads and other annoyances. Check out the forums for a complete review of the pros and cons of this new version and I’ll answer any of your questions about it.

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