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Started MouseTrax

March 1st, 2005 12:47am Leave a comment

I started my useless program called MouseTrax today. It’s purpose is to count how many times a person clicks the left mouse button, right mouse button, total mouse clicks, scroll wheel scrolls, mouse distance traveled, and total keyboard keys pressed.

Today I did two things. First things first – the layout. I made all the buttons and stuff that the actual program will have. It looks all nice and pretty. Next, I worked on some code to minimize it to the system tray no one wants to see a bug dumb program while it’s counting – it has to be out of the way. That reminds me – I need to make an option to make it start in the tray. That’s later on though with the counting code and the rest of the options box.

Estimated date until I finish this: Mid 2006. I plan to use this project when I take Visual Basic next year. Yes, before you yell at me, I do know C++ is better and more powerful, but it’s much harder to learn.

If anyone wants the completely non functional EXE to see the design, look at the about box etc, just ask me and I’ll give it to you.


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