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Bad Start in 2005

April 8th, 2005 11:23pm Leave a comment

The Yankees suck. Nothing much more to say. After beating Boston twice, they quickly dissolved into crap, with the past two games getting worse. Don’t mind this negative, highly critical post – I don’t give anyone a chance.

Mariano is old and blew two saves in a row. The first time, he was lucky and the Yankees won – but he’s still an idiot because Pavano pitched a good game and deserved the win and didn’t get it. What the hell is wrong with him? Michael Kay is a commentator on YES and was shocked when Yankee fans booed him off the field after helping the Yankees win since the mid 90s. Yeah that’s true, but we’re taking about now, not the past. What about the World Series he blew? What about all the blown saves in last years’ ALCS? Steinbrenner better buy another closer. Ever since Rivera had that tragedy in his family, he hasn’t been the same.

Of course it’s not all Rivera’s fault. A-Rod is baseball’s richest player and we pay him to make fielding errors. If he turned a double play, the Yankees would have won. If he just got one out, the Yankees would have won because Rivera got the next batter out. A-rod has been good for shit since he became a Yankee. A-Rod will be a flop and will totally suck next year, mark my words. If you ever compared him to his Texas or Seattle days, he is an average player. And usually anyone who was good and came to the Yankees turned out to be a flop. Look at Giambi. He was excellent and came there and was crap last year. What the hell happened to Wright? Pitched like an asshole giving up way too many runs. Mr. Atlanta Ace.

Bernie Williams needs to retire. He is 0 for the season and can’t hit. The old bag has been here for 15 years and was very good, but when you start embarrassing yourself, just leave. Don’t get me wrong. I <3 Bernie - great player who did wonderful things over the years, but lately not so much. Same thing with Tino. He's OLD. Everyone makes this big stink about him coming back. The fans are cheering him for everything he has done in the 90s. Again, this is not the 90s. He's old and shot. Tony Clark was a better first baseman that filled in for Giambi. Who do we have now? Two fools: a ball-shrunken steroid addict who is too worn out to play 1B everyday, so they replace him with Tino, who is no good but is just there to make the fans happy. Making the fans happy does not win games. And Roger Clemens is an idiot. He pulled this "I'm retiring" crap prior to the start of last season and collects dirt from ballparks for his sons. Then he says "Oops. I lied! I'm gonna pitch another year with the Astros.” So he comes back and is still there. Last year he had a great year and this year he's still pitching at 42 and just pitched a brilliant one hitter with 9 strikeouts. We needed him in pinstripes. Not these other pitching morons who don't know what they're doing. If he wanted to pitch for his hometown, fine. Why don't you say so. He wasn't in a contract anyway. But don't say you're retiring. By the way as sad as it is I still respect him because he's one of the few people who knows how to pitch well. And now for the positives: Matsui is decent and will probably have a good year. Possibly Sheffield and Randy Johnson. But despite their good seasons, we won't be seeing the Yankees in October. 😡

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  1. April 10th, 2005 at 20:39 | #1

    Serves that team right…

    Then again my favorite sports team is the highest paid in their league so I guess I’m not one to talk…

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