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Homestarrunner.com Subliminal Message

June 4th, 2005 3:09am Leave a comment

I just found a subliminal message in one of the strongbad emails. It was the virus episode, which is old. Watch it first to refresh your memory

It happens when Homestar tries to fix the “computer box” and all the popups show up. I became suspicious when I noticed that every time a popup showed up Homestar said “making” but as time went on it got muddy and overlapped. It ended with an echo of “awesome” At first I was thinking “making” was referring to all the popup windows (within the flash) and was part of the cartoon

BUT: one popup was a real Firefox window (p.s: Firefox doesn’t block that popup and IE does). It contained a flash of what Homestar was saying. I couldn’t refresh it and the window was not sizeable, so I couldnt see the URL of it. Well I like to snoop in places that aren’t open to the public, and wanted to see the popup page in a real browser window and look at the flash on it. So I opened the page again with IE and found the URL of the popup link in my temp internet files. I played it and was surprised.

In reality, the “popup” is…

Very interesting…

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  1. June 5th, 2005 at 18:36 | #1

    did you edit this because i recall you saying it was “Making out with myspace…” however its “Making out with Marzipane…” who is a character from Homestar.

  2. June 5th, 2005 at 22:04 | #2

    Yeah I realized it was Marzipam. I had my speakers on low and didn’t hear it right. It was also the homestar talker (soundboard) game phrase that unlocked the secret Srtong Bad talker soundboard. (but it’s different now)

  3. June 7th, 2005 at 18:02 | #3

    thats a 10/4 kemosabe

    over and out

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