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NSLC Experience

July 31st, 2005 11:27pm No comments

NSLC is over 🙁 It went by really quickly but I had the best time ever. Thursday was the last day of scheduled activities and yesterday was checkout day. We ate breakfast at 7:30 with the remnants of our TA group and slowly people dwindled off and left.

NSLC people can skip this part – I’ll be explaining the basics to all our non NSLC friends. There were about 300 people that attended the conference on Medicine and Healthcare. The group was split into two teams – Med A and Med B each with about 150 people. The groups were further divided into smaller groups led by a TA (team adviser). Our TA was Michelle and she was awesome. The program included many activities. There were leadership lectures, medical lectures, Dr. Marfuggi was great with clinical rounds and his lectures, Casino night, the Pizza social (lol Pledge), Ropes Challenge Course, Washington trips, the Baltimore trip, National Library of Medicine, and the Walter Reed Museum of Health. On the first day we all met in our TA groups and everyone was quiet and shy. Michelle warned us that we would all be upset when we left, but no one believed her because most people thought others were not going to be friendly. But after a few days, we all knew each other really well and bonded nicely. Our team name was the “Fuzzy Duck Dippers.” We came up with an awesome cheer/ skit which we performed at the College Life Panel.

You can register for this site (look for it on the left menu panel) and leave comments on my posts if you want. Don’t hesitate to ask me any questions you have.

Thanks to everyone for sharing all your crazy jokes and cool games (dibby dibby dip, Egyptian Rat Screw, the triangle game, the animal game, the color game, etc. ) Everyone is unique and special in your own way and this was the experience of a lifetime. Hopefully, I can use this to become a better person.

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July 20th, 2005 11:12am 1 comment

I finally got some time to be on a computer at the McKeldin Library here at the University of Maryland. They have Firefox installed here! W00t. Anyway, I’m on free time now but I’ll be here for a bit to research my debate topic on stem cell research. So I have no time to do my usual computer things (Aim / / forums etc.) Nice network they have here – very fast (5 MBPS).

As far as the college experience, it’s all here. The campus is huge. My roommate is decent and the food is your typical college food. The showers are disgusting. I don’t have anything else to say. Maybe I’ll get a chance to post again but I don’t know. Keep checking.

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K-Rock Sucks

July 14th, 2005 12:09pm No comments

It’s been a few months since K-Rock modified their playlist, but I never got a chance to rant about it yet. It seems that instead of just modern alternative rock from the mid 80s to new music, they’re playing more classic rock and metal. Some of this is good, but if I want classic rock I’ll listen to 104.3. Not that classic rock is bad, some new things added are okay, but my point is – this is not a classic rock station. It was completely taken over by classic rock and 80s rock. I am just curious to see how they’re going to do the top 92.3 songs of 2005 if they don’t play anything new anymore! For example, one weekend every time I turned on the radio the only things I heard was Judas Priest, Black Sabbath or AC/DC.

The webmaster of and must get fired immediately and they need to hire me instead. The website sucks! What kind of idiot has a navigation menu with text links where some text is not linked? Also, I’m pretty sure that all radio station websites have a playlist of the week’s most popular songs. They used to have that but now it’s gone – it’s on the navigation menu, but you can’t click it! Same thing with the Air-Staff Bios – those were removed also. There are five non-links that should be links – playlist, music news, what’s happening, air-staff and media. And KRock2’s website is just as horrible. The navigational links all link back to They use stupid streaming audio that forces you to use Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer sucks – learn to make sites compatible with browsers that don’t use crappy ActiveX controls. What kind of incompetent morons have such bad websites?

I purposely waited a few months to see if this is resolved, but it’s not. Oh well I can’t do anything about it.

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Going to Bed

July 13th, 2005 1:23am No comments

I’d just like to announce that it’s 1:23 AM and I’m going to bed! This is the earliest that I’ve gotten to bed in a few weeks. I was up until 4 yesterday… Yeah I should sleep more.

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