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Site Updates

October 2nd, 2005 9:12pm Leave a comment

Few updates about my site:

The looping sound you should be hearing (unless you don’t have embedded sounds enabled or your browser isn’t configured properly) is Pete’s official intro to this site. I try to keep things professional and not force sounds on people, but this is funny and I decided to loop it and be annoying for a few days. I will eventually remove it from automatically playing, but it will be on my site somewhere and will be the official “phrase” of this site.

On a more permanent note: files.portfolioso.com has been using over a gigabyte of bandwidth over the past few months. Although I have plenty of bandwidth and am nowhere near my limit, 1 gig is still a lot considering that prior to those past two months, it was averaging 400 Megs. I have a feeling some of my sounds and flash animations are being hotlinked to other sites (when other sites have files from my site on their sites and use my bandwidth). I have put a password on the flash folder, sound folder, and program folder to prevent this hotlinking. To get access, the username is login and the password is login. If you ever forget, there will be a text file called password that will have the login info.

That’s the story…

Edit: I removed the loop – it was only temporary… The sound clip can be sound here: http://portfolioso.com/media/portfolioso.wav

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