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Congratulations Chicago White Sox

October 27th, 2005 1:33am Leave a comment

As a Yankee fan, I’d like to congratulate the Chicago White Sox for winning the World Series. They haven’t done so in 88 years and I have specific reasoning for why I support the White Sox over the Astros.

First of all, I was watching ESPN, and there was this 96 year old man who was a kid when the White Sox won a World Series. Fox interviewed him and I figured that he’s old an probably won’t see this again in his life, so Chicago might as well win.

Most importantly, I’m glad the Astros lost for one reason – that Roger Clemens did NOT deserve a World Series ring. That old bag is a traitor to the Yankees and I lost all respect for him after he announced his retirement, then suddenly signed with the Astros. This clever scheme enabled him to leave the Yankees and return to his redneck land of Texas. Quick off topic side-note – David Wells went to Boston and was booed in Yankee Stadium. I still respect Wells because it was not his choice to leave, rather, Steinbrenner being a selfish fool (who spends hundreds of millions of dollars to lose)

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