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November 28th, 2005 1:00am Leave a comment

Yeah… Read this and cry.

I apologize me for my bad English: Today I have been to have to whether to make with some clients that complained about the problems to the computers that have in endowment, affirming that they were restarted to the sudden one without any apparent explanation, causing losses of time and damages to the job, not allowing them to save the current document on which you/they were working (if they were me to feel when I say to save in cuntinuazione the changes everything this it would not happen!). I have wasted time to look for on Internet a program that made a will the CPU (Central Processing Unit) of their cars, submitting her to continuous and perpetual overloads to see if the problem was verified indeed. I looked for a type of called program benchmark that uses him really to make a will the CPU peripheral other e/o, so much to try to understand if the problemapotesse to be the same CPU, the mother card, the Hard Disk in state of terminal coma, or if it simply concerns the unhappy supply of PC choice!! To extreme evil extreme remedies are contrasted… always the benchmark the writing from me in Visual Basic: -)

Anyway – whatever that says…. I just thought it was interesting considering that the Hard Disk can go into a state of terminal coma! And the problemapotesse is the same as the CPU.

Lesson learned: Do not use online translators. It is not even possible for someone to write that. I can understand if someone says excuse my English and has some grammar mistakes. As long as it makes sense, I get the point. but when its complete nonsense, thing sget a little funny.

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