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New Feature – Coming Soon

December 21st, 2005 2:16am Leave a comment

I am getting sick of my old image gallery because of it’s oldness. It’s decent, but I could do better. For instance, I am sort of annoyed that I can not add a description of the image (it only displays the file name right now). I also didn’t like the fact that I could upload new images and no one would know because the pictures got buried on the 8th page somewhere. So instead of a php driven thumbnail generating gallery, I will be upgrading to a mysql database driven gallery powered by coppermine.

It’s time for me to get with the times. I haven’t had a major update to this site in a while. Other free image galleries like webshots and myspace pictures let people comment, and as a result, people would rather go there because of the interactive-ness (I created a new word).

New Features it will have:

  • Descriptions of images
  • Comments
  • Rating Images
  • User accounts
  • Random images
  • Newly added images
  • Most Viewed & Top Rated
  • Search Gallery
  • Slideshow
  • Supports other image formaths than jpeg
  • Videos Can Be Added
  • Well, I think the new interface looks nice (I’m customizing a skin to match my layout – ugh stupid css). You will also be able to rate images, log in, leave comments and so forth.

    This will take some time and may not be ready until 2006 (I have to import every picture into the gallery and add descriptions). Luckily for me, importing is automated. 😛

    The wait shall be worth it.

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