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Image Gallery Layout Fix

March 13th, 2006 1:56am Leave a comment

I had to do something about my image gallery because it looked like ass in Internet Explorer. Even though the CSS (which is a stylesheet that customizes the page layout) validated and followed browser compliancy standards, IE still made a mess of the page. In Firefox, the gallery displayed nicely, but since most fools use Internet Explorer, I had to fix it. You don’t know how many extra hours of coding Internet Explorer has caused me over the past few years. When things looked good in Firefox, I checked in IE and they were messed up. If you search this blog for IE, you will see other posts of me complaining about how IE messed up my pages. Anyway, enough ranting.

Some of the things that were messed up included: Menu image buttons not aligning, ugly and misaligned webbed graphic showing up that didn’t belong, repeating top menu graphic (only one was needed) and some random text that did not belong there.

I also got rid of that @ menu mouseover thing because it confused people. You would have to mouseover the @ to make a submenu show up. The login link was on that submenu login. This was too hard of a concept for most people and I got flooded with email and asked 20 times how to log in. So instead of mousing over the retarded @, I got rid of the @ and made the submenu display at all times. Much easier..

So now that the gallery is more user friendly, I hope you all like it better. (It still looks a bit better in Firefox, but at least it’s decent in IE)

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