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End of Spring Break

April 17th, 2006 10:36pm Leave a comment

What a shame… Spring break is over: Here is a brief, undetailed recap that is not in sentence form (not that anyone cares).
Friday – Went to Evac and ate good barbecued food there. Saturday – Fairfield’s accepted students day (out in the cold rain). Sunday – people came over for dinner. Monday – Did nothing in the morning and then at 9 I drove Drob around Eastchester doing Eastchester-like things (Borders, etc.). Tuesday I fixed the ninja’s computer (turns out his video card wasn’t in all the way) and I had to reformat and get him wifi and whatnot. I also had a sore throat and that was the beginning of my sickness. Wednesday – Took a ride up to the Catskills and spent the day there. I was also sick… (cough, cold, sore throat was starting to go away). Thursday and Friday were boring. Saturday was also boring and Sunday I had food and then visited people for Easter. Monday I did nothing thanks to my dumb cell phone not ringing (thanks Verizon). Wait, I lied – I worked on some longterm work and things that needed to get done. And that was my break. So if anyone went away or did better things, good for you, I don’t care. No refund for you.

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